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PathAway GPS Free Edition

PathAway GPS Free Edition

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PathAway GPS Free Edition PathAway GPS Free Edition PathAway GPS Free Edition PathAway GPS Free Edition PathAway GPS Free Edition PathAway GPS Free Edition PathAway GPS Free Edition PathAway GPS Free Edition PathAway GPS Free Edition PathAway GPS Free Edition

PathAway GPS Free Edition 描述

Enjoy hours of outdoor fun with PathAway guiding, and tracking your way! Mark points of interest, with details or photos at those special spots along your route! Navigate with free online maps that are downloaded on-the-fly and are cached on the device so they're available when there is no data coverage.
Never get lost again, and track your route so you can explore it again. Whatever your outdoor adventure is you can use maps that will guide you, and track where you are so you can easily get home, or use this route again on your next trip out.
Designed for Robust Use.
We’ve been developing GPS Apps for mobile devices for over 15 years, based on user feedback and recommendations. The creative design of PathAway has grown to be the companion you can trust to get you out there, and to bring you back safely. Its time proven core engine manages all the monitoring and recording data efficiently and robustly. You can count on PathAway to handle the most challenging tasks in the Outdoors.
Unparalleled Versatility.
PathAway’s features have been carefully designed to embrace the widest range of activities in the field. PathAway Pro is designed to handle activities from navigating a tight waterway, to traversing a mountain trail, to mapping property boundaries, to collecting wildlife data.
Users have their Say.
"Perfect for Off Road Navigation!”, “Best GPS App yet!I”, "All other programs have fallen behind now! So just super. Now, the dream tool is here!!", " The cool thing is that you can layer maps and switch between them. I have used this for flight, boating and hiking."
- Use online maps from Google maps, OpenStreetMap, OpenCycleMap (Topo), USGS Topos and aerials, FAA USA Aviation charts, ArcGIS World and USA Topographic, Natural Resources Canada topographic maps;
- Maps are cached for offline use when connectivity is not available;
- Weather Forecast overlay maps! In real time see weather patterns on top of your maps while you travel.
Tracking (Breadcrumb):
- Log your travels for later analysis, or use as a route to follow next time out.
- track in the background while using other applications.
- Pause and continue track timer for precision timing;
- One touch "BackTrack" feature to find your way home after recording your way out;
- Store as many Track logs as you like for use later.
- Capture points, describe by name, icon, description, photo from gallery or camera;
- Over 100 icons to choose from;
- Manage and Edit Points;
- Organize your points by creating multiple Points Databases;
- Navigate directly to a single point or follow multi-point routes;
- Create navigational routes simply by marking the route on the map;
- Alarms to notify you when you've strayed off your route, or nearing a marked point;
- Auto Rotate maps to direction of travel;
- Uses built-in magnetic compass for slow speed directional location. Great for Geocaching when you’re trying to pin-point a cache;
- View navigational information on the dashboard;
- Just want the arrow pointing you which way to go? Use the Compass View.
- Import/Export trails or geocaching info in most common formats (GPX, KML, KMZ)
After the trial period, you can purchase LE, Express, or PRO Edition via In-App purchase.
In-App Purchases available:
*** PathAway LE Edition:
Unlock for unlimited use, remove the Ads for full-screen operation.
*** PathAway Express Edition:
Import or create your own maps. Get maps from web sites, CD-ROM, scanned, or photographed. Import Worldfile, JPR, GeoTiff, or any bitmap image. Display BSB/KAP maps without conversion.
*** PathAway Professional Edition:
- Location sharing, elevation/speed profile map, UI Customizations: multi-folder support, show multiple tracks, routes plus more...
我们一直在开发GPS应用为移动设备超过15年,根据用户的反馈和建议。 PathAway的创意设计已经成长为可以信任让你在那里,给你带来安全返回同伴。其久经考验的核心引擎,高效,稳健管理所有的监测和记录数据。你可以指望PathAway处理在户外最具挑战性的任务。
PathAway的功能都经过精心设计,以迎接在外地的活动范围最广。 PathAway Pro是专为从导航的紧水道,穿越到山间小路,以映射属性界限,收集野生动物数据处理活动。
- 从谷歌地图,OpenStreetMap的,OpenCycleMap(地形),美国地质调查局和拓扑斯天线,FAA美国航空图表,ArcGIS的世界和美国的地形,加拿大自然资源部的地形图使用在线地图;
- 地图是缓存脱机使用时连接不可用;
- 天气预报覆盖地图!在实时看到您的地图之上的天气模式而您的旅行。
- 记录你的旅行为以后的分析,或者使用作为路由跟随下一次了。
- 在使用其他应用程序跟踪的背景。
- 暂停和继续跟踪计时器精确计时;
- 一键式“的BackTrack”功能,找出记录你的方式后,回家的路;
- 只要你喜欢使用后存储为多轨道日志。
- 捕获点,由名称,图标,说明,从画廊或相机照片描述;
- 超过100个图标可供选择;
- 管理和编辑点;
- 通过创建多个点数据库整理你的观点;
- 直接导航到一个点或按照多点路线;
- 只需通过标记在地图上的路线导航创建的路线;
- 警报通知您,当你偏离了路线,或接近一个标记点​​;
- 自动旋转映射到行进方向;
- 使用内置的低速定向位置磁罗盘。伟大的,当你试图针点缓存寻宝;
- 在仪表盘上显示导航信息;
- 只是想指点你哪个方向走的箭头?使用指南针视图。
- 导入/导出轨迹或最常见的格式信息寻宝(GPX,KML,KMZ)
*** PathAway LE版:
*** PathAway捷版:
导入或创建自己的地图。获得从网站,CD-ROM,扫描,或拍摄的地图。进口Worldfile,JPR,支持GeoTiff,或位图图像。显示BSB / KAP地图,无需转换。
*** PathAway专业版:
- 位置分享,海拔/速度曲线图,自定义用户界面:多文件夹支持,显示多个曲目,再加上航线更多...

PathAway GPS Free Edition 更新内容

- PRO Edition: Added Night Mode option (View-Night mode)
- Bug Fixes

PathAway GPS Free Edition 历史版本

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PathAway GPS Free Edition 信息

旅游出行 地图导航
Android 2.2.x 以上
MuskokaTech Inc.

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