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Tube Map伦敦地铁地图下载

Tube Map伦敦地铁地图

Tube Map伦敦地铁地图

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Tube Map伦敦地铁地图 截图

Tube Map伦敦地铁地图 Tube Map伦敦地铁地图 Tube Map伦敦地铁地图 Tube Map伦敦地铁地图 Tube Map伦敦地铁地图 Tube Map伦敦地铁地图

Tube Map伦敦地铁地图 描述

London Underground Tube Map is the official licensed London Tube map from Transport for London (TfL).
Free to download, this award winning London Underground map includes the latest TfL map updates, live travel information and a journey planner.
Unlike other travel apps, Tube Map London Underground works both on and offline making it the number one London Tube map and journey planner.
Key features:
- Easy to use both with and without an internet connection.
- Uses data direct from TfL to give the best possible experience and live arrival & departure information.
- Real time route and journey planning.
- Twitter feed integration of London transport news and line status updates.
- Plan routes anywhere in London from places, postcodes, points of interest and tube stations.
- Routes and stations can be marked as ‘favourite’ and shown as ‘recent’ for ease of use and quick selection.
- Your nearest London Underground stations are always highlighted on the map.
- Full accessibility information included on the London Tube map.
- Detailed station information about facilities such as cash and ticket machines, WIFI access and taxi ranks.
- Get travel tips, fun facts and information about the fastest routes between platforms.
- In-app purchases available on the London Tube map such as; Remove Ads, First & Last Trains, Tube Exits or a Bulk Saver.
If you use other types of London transport don't forget to check out our other free London travel apps; Bus Times London and myTrains.
Like Tube Map on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TubeMap or follow us on Twitter @TubeMapLondon. We'd love to hear from you.
To get the most out of this London Underground map, the app uses a number of permissions. Click here https://www.mapway.com/privacy-policy/ to see what and why.
- 易于使用和不使用互联网连接使用。
- 从伦敦交通局使用的数据直接给予最佳的体验和现场到达与离港信息。
- 实时路线和行程规划。
- 伦敦交通新闻和在线状态更新Twitter的饲料整合。
- 计划路线在伦敦任何地方从地方,邮政编码,兴趣和地铁站分。
- 路线和车站可以被标记为“最爱”,并显示为“最近”的易用性和快速的选择。
- 您最近的伦敦地铁站总是在地图上标出。
- 包括伦敦地铁地图上全部辅助功能信息。
- 关于设施,如现金和自动售票机,无线上网和出租车候客站的详细信息。
- 获取旅游提示,有趣的事实和相关信息平台之间的最快路线。
- 在应用程序内的伦敦地铁地图上可以购买的,如;移除广告,第一和最后火车,地铁出口或批量节电器。
像地铁线路图的Facebook在www.facebook.com/TubeMap或跟随我们的Twitter @TubeMapLondon。我们很乐意听取您的意见。

Tube Map伦敦地铁地图 更新内容

Map update: for the first time Transport for London have included London tram services on the Tube Map.
This map update also illustrates planned works that are taking place on the London Overground route between Gospel Oak and Barking.

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