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My Epilepsy Diary

My Epilepsy Diary

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My Epilepsy Diary My Epilepsy Diary My Epilepsy Diary My Epilepsy Diary My Epilepsy Diary My Epilepsy Diary My Epilepsy Diary My Epilepsy Diary My Epilepsy Diary My Epilepsy Diary

My Epilepsy Diary 描述

Do you or a loved one have epilepsy? If you do, most likely you have been asked to keep track of seizures, medicines, and how you feel on a daily basis. This application can help you do this
quickly and more easily than any other option. It has
unique capabilities and is in use not only by patients but by leading hospitals and academic institutions(*) for their research projects.
EpiDiary has been serving epilepsy patients since 2010.
EpiDiary has
Visual Medication Management (VMM) technology to improve your safety in taking medications. In a world where medications from different sources are provided to patients, the color, size and shape of the pills changes frequently. Having large, actual photos of your own medications on your phone provides new and better capabilities that can help you.
In addition, EpiDiary has one-touch data entry technology which lets you enter seizure information or check taking your medications immediately from the phone lock screen, making these commonly used functions accomplished quickly and easily.
The cloud diary at epidiary.com has even more capabilities such as generation of a customized reports, pillbox filling instructions and more that can help your physician provide you with better care.
Unique EpiDiary capabilities, not found anywhere else:
- Timely notification and reminders - provide the real photo of the medication that needs to be taken
-You can attach photos of your actual medications, and refresh them as their looks changes to make sure you are taking the right medication at the right time
- Check your medications immediately from the notification. No need to search for the app
- As an option, check your seizures right from the lock screen, to save you the effort of searching for the app
- Keep Historically accurate medication record – Your care giver can see which medications were taken in the past, how they looked like, at which dose, and if there were any adverse events associated with any of them.
PLEASE NOTE: The actual performance of imaging your pills is greatly dependent on the capabilities of your phone’s camera. We have tested this using the up-to-date major brands. Because there are many models of phones in the market we apologize if the photos don’t come up the way you expect.
Other features include:
* Recording Seizures (single or clusters)
* Recording Medicines, when to take them and when to refill them
* Recording Seizure Triggers
* Recording Side Effects including the severity
* Getting reminders for your medications and refills
* Getting reminders on your phone and take your medications on time
Additional capabilities in our cloud server at epidiary.com:
* Customized Reports – including graphs which can be printed or emailed
* Detailed instructions for filling-in your pillbox: helps keep you safe when you load your pillbox with pills
* Easier to enter and view your data when using a computer
* The app synchronizes data automatically with the cloud server
* Your data is always safe, even if you switch a phone
- Internet access is required to sync your mobile data to your online diary
Take Control and Get Started Today with EpiDirary.
Please email comments and suggestions to info@irody.com.
This App is developed and supported by Irody, Inc. www.irody.com
(*) A partial list studies using EpiDiary for Patient Reported Outcomes data can be found at: of https://epidiary.com/help-page.php?p=100
- 及时通知和提醒 - 提供需要采取药物治疗的真实照片
- 您可以将您的实际药物的照片,并刷新他们为自己的外表的变化,以确保你正在服用合适的药物在正确的时间
- 立即检查药物从通知。无需搜索该应用
- 作为一个选项,请检查您正确的癫痫发作从锁定屏幕,为您节省搜索的应用程序的工作
- 保持准确的历史记录用药 - 你的照顾者可以看到被带到过去,他们是如何模样,在此剂量,如果有其中的任何相关的任何不良事件哪些药物。
*定制的报告 - 包括图表可以打印或通过电子邮件发送
- 互联网接入需要您的移动数据同步到您的在线日记

My Epilepsy Diary 更新内容

Major new features:
*Safely taking medications - adding photos of the actual medications so that you will always see which medication to take - in the app and in notifications.
*One-touch: Check medications and enter seizures right from the lock screen. Simple, quick, easy.

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Android 4.0.2 以上

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