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hereMe!...yes we hear you hereMe!...yes we hear you hereMe!...yes we hear you hereMe!...yes we hear you hereMe!...yes we hear you hereMe!...yes we hear you

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hereMe! ... an idea, whose time has come...
hereMe! ... your location-based, story-telling, grassroots reporter's tool, an app designed for local micro-reporting that complements an increasingly social media landscape.
hereMe! makes you both a news producer and consumer, enhances your expressive power by combining video, audio, text, pictures and hyperlinks all in one convenient easy-to-use, highly polished UI, that you use to file noteworthy location-based, grassroots reports on an integrated, always-on platform.
hereMe! enables loose and spontaneous, event driven, social collaborations by presenting noteworthy reports in time ordered, location-based feeds, thus keeping you engaged in the process of mobiles in social change: a phenomenon that emerges at any moment, planned or randomly at locations around the world.
hereMe! is different from just posting status and messages to a group of "friends" or "followers". It enables you to socially participate and stay engaged in grassroots movements and campaigns, global in nature, harvesting the power of local, grassroots reporting and spreading it to an always-on platform worldwide.
hereMe! combines personal motivation and collaborative, social action based on a common interest of staying engaged in social change as it happens one location at a time, small or big in diameter, well-known, hardly known or suddenly in the spotlight hereMe! 2.0 handles all of them unified and always-on.
Take action, join the hereMe! community and shape the world around you... bit by bit... hereMe!... yes, we hear you!
What You Can Do: Get Involved with hereMe!
Become a grassroots reporter, tell your noteworthy, location-based stories by adding Reports with attached Video, Audi, Picture, URLs and #tags, all in one, easy to use, highly integrated and polished UI.
Comment on other user's Reports with text and URLs. Vote on noteworthiness of reports. Flag a Report as inappropriate if you feel offended by it.
Use location based Feeds to view and filter Reports and receive alerts when new reports or replies are filed. Feeds are regions of interest by individual users (personal feeds) or by the community (featured, public feeds). Feed management is intuitive and map based. Pinch to zoom in or out to adjust the size of your region of interest. Certain standard feeds (e.g. AroundMe) are provided by the system and keep you always engaged wherever you are. Add your personal feeds to express your interest in location-based events, social activities and change, receive reports in real time as they are appear in your feeds.
Featured feeds can direct the public interest to certain areas of "breaking news" or otherwise noteworthy activity, enable ad hoc social collaboration and offer support for activity via texting (SMS) (e.g. micro donations,in case the feed is directed to a disaster area).
All Feeds are time-ordered and provide an easy, direct access to the most recent reports as they come up.
Manage your hereMe! profile in a standard way.
Identify yourself to the hereMe! community by using a default, or locally hosted, or a globally recognized avatar (Gravatar)

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此版本中的新功能:- Study done on ANR issue.
fixed related issues
Version 2.1.1
- Changed the tab order
- Added "About" to the Profile Tab
- Added invite friends to About
- Added help hereme to About
- Added the German demo file
version Code 10: environment corrected

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Android 1.6 以上

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