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My Sight Words

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My Sight Words My Sight Words My Sight Words My Sight Words

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Kids have fun while learning to read.
"My Sight Words" helps pre and early readers develop their skills through a fun and kid-friendly interaction with sight words (also known as Dolch words). Control/navigation is intuitive with spoken words, audible feedback, voice recognition and three learning modes.
v2.1 Added ability for users to create and edit their own lists of words.
* In-app help from menu or online at http://mysightwords.mygamesonline.org/my_sight_words_main.html
* Optimized for both phone and tablet size displays
* Preloaded with complete sight word lists for readers of various levels (includes the set of classic Dolch word lists and a set of modern sight word lists)
* Three learning modes: Intro, Practice, and Quiz
* User can create their own word lists
* User can record their own voice for word pronunciation.
* Words are spoken to help learning and pronunciation (if and when words are spoken is controlled by reader and depends on the selected learning mode)
* Speech recognition lets readers verify they are pronouncing words correctly. (Please, read the advice on how best to introduce this capability to new readers, its use, and its limitations.)
* Displays stats about the number of words remaining, hints given, correctly read words, words that needed revisiting, and word list size
* Words appear in random order to ensure recognition and prevent memorization of list
* Words are displayed in fun random colors
* User can select lower case letters or all upper case
* User can configure game play and reader interaction
* User can set a maximum number of words per learning "round" before a reward or break is offered
* In quiz mode, user can specify if speech recognition must be successful before reader gets credit for word
* User can specify if the results of speech recognition (i.e. what the application thinks the reader said) should be displayed to the reader
Planned Enhancements:
* Use gestures for navigation and control so reader can tap or slide word in addition to using buttons
Please rate this app and let us know what you think.
To contact us directly:
We love to hear from our users. Please send your comments and ideas for improvements to mysightwords@gmail.com.
*语音识别可以让读者验证它们是否正确发音的话。 (请阅读关于如何最好地介绍这个能力,新的读者,它的使用,以及它的局限性的意见。)

My Sight Words 更新内容

v2.4 Bug fix: Adding a word to a list no longer deletes it from other lists
Bug fix: Properly handles user added words containing apostrophes (contractions)v2.3 Bug fix.

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Android 1.6 以上
Google Play

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