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MySnookerStats Snooker Scoring MySnookerStats Snooker Scoring MySnookerStats Snooker Scoring MySnookerStats Snooker Scoring

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Love your snooker? Find out how good you really are and see your game improve!
MySnookerStats can track every ball you pot and every shot you play, delivering you up-to-the-second stats like you see on TV. It's so easy-to-use that you'll never want to play another frame without it - you keep score while your opponent is at the table, then swap when it's your turn to clear up.
But the best bit comes when the match is done, when at the touch of a button, you upload the details of your game to your personal account at MySnookerStats.com. On our website you can track your progress and compare your skills with players from all over the world. Re-live your greatest breaks ball-by-ball and see how you stack up against your mates with head-to-head records and ranking tables.
If you're serious about improving your snooker, your progress graphs and match-by-match records will help you to really understand the strengths and weaknesses of your game.
App Features:
- two modes of operation so you can choose how detailed your stats will be: STANDARD (easier to use) or PROFESSIONAL (more detail).
- play matches with handicaps or off levels
- store your name and membership id, and the names, ids and handicaps of the last 50 players you've faced so that setting up for re-matches is a breeze.
- save your last 50 matches on the device, for you to review at your leisure, and so that you can upload them later (perhaps when your internet signal is better).
- 50 levels of undo, just in case you make a mistake in assigning scores
- a ball-by-ball text commentary and a current break bar to give clear feedback and reduce the likelihood of mistakes in the first place.
- the app knows all the rules - respots, foul and a miss, multiple reds in one shot, re-racks, skip the last black when the frame is already won, concede or end frame early - but with the flexibility to record every eventuality.
- brilliant score correction facility for when there's a dispute (or perhaps just in case you missed the fact that a red went in when your opponent fouled earlier on in the frame).
- continue matches over several sessions; in fact, you can exit the app at any time (for comfort breaks and the like!) and simply choose "continue last match" to pick up exactly where you were - even the frame timer is paused!
Get loads more information on our website at www.mysnookerstats.com. MySnookerStats is snooker for the internet generation!
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MySnookerStats可以跟踪每一个球壶和你玩的每一个镜头,传递到第二统计就像你在电视上看到。它是如此易于使用,你永远要玩另一个框架,没有它 - 你不断得分,而你的对手是在餐桌上,然后交换时,轮到你了清理。
- 两种操作模式,使您可以选择将详细的统计:标准(容易使用)或专业(更多细节)。
- 比赛与障碍或关闭水平
- 储存您的姓名,会员ID,最后50名选手的名字,IDS和障碍设立的重新匹配,使你面对是一件轻而易举的。
- 在设备上保存您的最后50场比赛,为您在您的休闲检讨,因此,您可以上传他们后来(也许您的网络信号较好时)。
- 50级撤消,以防万一你犯了一个错误的分配分数
- 一个球的球评文字和电流开断条给予明确的反馈,并减少失误的可能性摆在首位。
- 应用程序知道所有规则 - respots,犯规和思念,多个红魔在一杆,重架,跳过已经赢得了最后的黑色框架时,承认或结束帧早 - 但与灵活性来记录每一个不测。
- 辉煌成绩校正时,有一个纠纷(或者以防万一你错过了一个红色的,当你的对手犯规在较早的框架去),设施。
- 继续比赛过几次会议,事实上,你可以在任何时候退出应用程序(舒适的休息之类的!),只需选择“继续最后一场比赛”,拿起你究竟在何处 - 甚至帧计时器暂停!
我们的网站上获得更多的负载信息在www.mysnookerstats.com。 MySnookerStats是互联网一代的斯诺克!

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V1.8.2: Improve screen fit on xlarge tablets such as Samsung Galaxy Tab A.

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