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Zeo Sleep Manager

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Zeo Sleep Manager Zeo Sleep Manager Zeo Sleep Manager Zeo Sleep Manager

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IMPORTANT: YOU MUST HAVE A ZEO SLEEP MANAGER MOBILE HEADBAND TO USE THIS APP (available at www.myZeo.com, Best Buy, and other select retail locations).Zeo is a comprehensive system to help you improve your sleep. Zeo tracks how much REM and Deep sleep you get each night, and helps you discover personalized ways to get a better nights sleep.HOW IT WORKS=============The lightweight Zeo SoftWave headband tracks your actual sleep stages throughout the night and sends them wirelessly to your Android device. The Zeo Sleep Manager app lets you view your sleep data so that you can see how you really slept. You can see:- Total time asleep- Time in REM sleep- Time in Deep sleep- Time in Wake Your sleep quality is then summarized in a single number, called ZQ - a simple, unique way to both measure and understand your sleep. Track your ZQ over time and compare to other people your age.SMARTWAKE ALARM================The Zeo Sleep Manager app also has a built-in SmartWake alarm that gently wakes you at the optimal point in your sleep cycle. Never wake up late, always wake refreshed. SYNC WITH MYZEO.COM===================You can Sync this application to your free account on www.myzeo.com where you can analyze your sleep data in more depth and get advice from our experts. * Discover how lifestyle factors (such as caffeine, stress and bedroom environment) affect your sleep quality with the Cause and Effect tool.* Sign up for our free coaching program, The 7 Steps to Sleep Fitness, which gives you personalized guidance to help you sleep better. TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR SLEEP==========================4 out of 5 Zeo users reported improved sleep quality (for a summary of the home use test and its results, visit www.myZeo.com.)Zeo Mobile is available today at www.myZeo.com for only $99....

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系统工具 WiFi 浏览器 输入法
Android 3.2.x 以上

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