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FireReady FireReady FireReady FireReady FireReady FireReady FireReady FireReady FireReady FireReady

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FireReady is the official Victorian Government app for CFA, MFB and DELWP bushfire warnings and information. Download FireReady and set up Watch Zones to ensure you receive official warnings and information for your area. See the FAQs at
http://firereadyfaq.emergency.vic.gov.au/, watch the FireReady video at
http://vimeo.com/81778120 or email
FireReadyApp@emergency.vic.gov.au if you need further assistance.
IMPORTANT - if you're receiving a message asking you to turn on notifications, you need to ensure that push notifications are enabled specifically for the FireReady app. The steps for this may vary depending on your device model and version of Android, but should be similar to this:
1. Open your device's Settings
2. Select Applications
3. Select Manage Applications
4. Choose FireReady from the list there
5. At the top of the screen, there is a tick box that says 'Show Notifications'. Ensure it is ticked.
Main Features:
• Live incident map showing all current official warnings, planned burns and other types of incidents across Victoria.
• Simple to use Watch Zones that ensure you get official warnings for your local area. Warnings and information are pushed out to a user's phone when issued by CFA, MFB or DELWP.
• Integration of DELWP planned burns.
• GPS integration to determine your current location and surrounding incidents. You must have your location functionality switched on and GPS enabled.
• Emergency Warnings, Watch & Act, and Advice information as issued by the CFA, MFB and DELWP
• Share incidents and warnings with friends and family.
• View today's Fire Danger Rating map.
• View today's Total Fire Ban Status.
The FireReady app is just one tool to assist you to access warnings and information about bushfire, however you should never rely on just one information channel. Fire and emergency services use a range of other information channels including SKY TV, ABC local radio, some commercial and designated community radio stations, Victorian Bushfire Information Line (VBIL) on 1800 240 667, VicEmergency on www.emergency.vic.gov.au and social media channels including CFA Twitter and Facebook.
Please refer to the Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer within the app for further information, view the FAQs at http://firereadyfaq.emergency.vic.gov.au/ or email the team at FireReadyApp@emergency.vic.gov.au if you need further assistance.
* Your device must have an internet connection and have GPS location services turned on to receive warnings and information issued by Victorian fire and emergency services.
** Map symbols represent the origin of the fire, not its current location or spread.
What's New in Version 4.0.2
• Fire type and size will now display where possible
• Ability to set smaller watch zones
• Fixes to Android 4.0 display issues
• Improvements to date and time functionality in warnings and incidents
• Other minor changes to text, error messaging and layouts
What’s New in Version 4.0.4
Made the following improvements
· Fixed issue with display of Google maps
· Better handling of upgrades to new versions of Android, reducing the chances of losing previous configurations of watchzones and settings
· Changes to ensure that watchzones are correctly deleted
What’s New in Version 4.1.0
• Update icons to use the same images as VicEmergency
• Include “Community Updates” as a warning type
• Fix issue where “Incident may have expired” may be incorrectly displayed when tapping or swiping a new Push Notification
• Support “Contained” status for warnings from multiple sources
• Restructure the Frequently Asked Questions
• Improve messaging for Total Fire Ban and Fire Danger Ratings
• Reactivated planned burns display original date and time
• Upgrade Android app to include support for Android Lollipop
• New minimum supported version of Android is 4.0.3
重要提示 - 如果您收到一条消息,询问您打开通知,您需要确保推送通知专为FireReady应用程序启用。根据您的设​​备型号和Android版本的步骤可能有所不同,但应该与此类似:
该FireReady应用程序仅仅是一个工具,帮助您访问的警告和有关林火,但是你不应该只依靠一个信息渠道。消防及紧急服务热线1800 240 667,VicEmergency上www.emergency.vic.gov.au使用一系列的其他信息渠道,包括天空电视频道,ABC当地电台,一些商业和指定的社区广播电台,维多利亚时代的森林大火信息热线(VBIL)和社交媒体渠道,包括终审法院Twitter和Facebook。
•修正了Android 4.0的显示问题

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