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Journey Pro by NAVITIME

Journey Pro by NAVITIME

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Journey Pro by NAVITIME Journey Pro by NAVITIME Journey Pro by NAVITIME Journey Pro by NAVITIME Journey Pro by NAVITIME Journey Pro by NAVITIME

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Planning domestic journeys within the UK has never been easier with Journey Pro! ■Covering the London tube, London bus, DLR, Overground, Tramlink, River Service, National Rail, Birmingham Tram, Glasgow Subway and domestic flights, our interactive maps will provide you with the best route using various combinations of available modes. ■Live service updates and departure boards are also available. ****** Features *******✔JOURNEY PLANNER- Real-time journey planning with zoomable interactive maps of Tramlink, River Service, National Rail and London tube services (Internet connection required).- Transport methods can be chosen when planning a journey.- Set your home station for easier journey planning.- See the detailed bus stop map around major stations.- Use postcode to find stations, pier or bus stop.- Search the nearest station, pier or bus stop with a single tap. ✔LIVE INFORMATION- Live departure information (Tube, DLR and River service) and tube service updates plus weekend closures, updated over the air. ✔WIDGET- Two widgets are included in the application. 1) Keep track of the last train home from your current location 2) Display London Tube service updates ✔MORE- Station facility information- Route and station history- Share route results with friends and colleagues This free version of Journey Pro contains advertisements.Ad-free version of Journey Pro is also available as "Journey Pro Ad-Free" ! We are always happy to respond to your feedback. Should you have any problems, please let us know through our app by pressing the “Feedback” tab or email contact@navitime.com ****** Important *******# Night busses will be planned at 3:00AM arrival time for last service search results. ****** Facebook *******[Facebook Page]http://www.facebook.com/JourneyPro.JOURNEYPROCONNECTbyNAVITIME[Facebook App]https://apps.facebook.com/journeypro/

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Android 4.0.2 以上

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