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NetDial SIP Phone (넷다이얼)

NetDial SIP Phone (넷다이얼)

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NetDial SIP Phone (넷다이얼) NetDial SIP Phone (넷다이얼) NetDial SIP Phone (넷다이얼) NetDial SIP Phone (넷다이얼)

NetDial SIP Phone (넷다이얼) 描述

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☎ No.1 FMC mVoIP APP! NetDial SIP Phone ☎
☎ Extend your business connectivity to anytime, anywhere ☎
○ Company: NeoMecca, Inc.
○ Home Page: www.neomecca.com
○ Contact Us: netdialsip1l@neomecca.com
○ Sister APP: OlivePhone (Free Call, Free Chat. mVoIP)
Free Calls are just one touch away. Down load NetDial SIP Phone!
You can make/receive office phone calls directly from your smart phone!
It allows you to extend your home or office phone number to your smart phone.
NetDial SIP Phone is convenient and excellent voice quality SIP protocol based application.
It works with multi platforms. It is free only for personal and non-commercial use.
(For commercial use and personal charged application which providing more powerful and advanced functions, please contact us at the address below)
• It works with any PBX which use standard SIP protocol
• Support DTMF tones while in call(to control various PBX features or automated systems)
• Back-Ground Service(You can receive calls when the APP in on Back-Ground)
• Speed Dial(abbreviated dialing)
• Multiple SIP accounts support, registered simultaneously
• Free Calls(Overseas, Long Distance, Local, Abroad on a business trip)
• Cost Savings
• Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC)
• NetDial SIP Phone is only for the personal and non-commercial use.
• For commercial use and for company, contact netdialsip1@neomecca.com
• We provide a customization for company and advanced functions and quality
• You need an account with a SIP VoIP provider for NetDial SIP Phone to work.

NetDial SIP Phone (넷다이얼) 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:- Voice Quality upgraded
- You can receive a call when the APP is ended (by using background service)
- User Interface change
- misc.

NetDial SIP Phone (넷다이얼) 历史版本

  • NetDial SIP Phone (넷다이얼)

    NetDial SIP Phone (넷다이얼)

    版本:2.1.0 高速下载

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Android 2.1.x 以上

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