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[Live] MX Free Theme Aquarium下载

[Live] MX Free Theme Aquarium

[Live] MX Free Theme Aquarium

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[Live] MX Free Theme Aquarium 截图

[Live] MX Free Theme Aquarium [Live] MX Free Theme Aquarium [Live] MX Free Theme Aquarium [Live] MX Free Theme Aquarium

[Live] MX Free Theme Aquarium 描述

Theme Aquarium

Aquarium MX Home Theme

This application is the theme [skin] of the MX Home launcher application.

To apply this theme, please touch the 'Open' button at the top.

The MX Home launcher must be installed.

If the MX Home launcher is NOT installed, please download it. Enjoy MX Home!

▣ Concept : Aquarium

▣ Major Features

▪ Battery Widget: Submarine

▪ Live Fish animation : Fish quickly swim away by your touch

▪ Because after aquarium theme is played, you can still use your phone with full functionality, aquarium theme animation will be on the top of all your smart phone.

※ This version is limited to a trial period of 3 days.

A full version is also available on the Android Market.

▶ Optimized for Android 2.1 or later version environment.

▶ Supports ice cream sandwich (Android 4.0.x)

▶ Suopprts HVGA (320x480), WVGA (480x800) & QHD (540x960)

Copyright©2011 Emocean Co., Ltd. All rights reserved



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[Live] MX Free Theme Aquarium 历史版本

[Live] MX Free Theme Aquarium 使用技巧

[Live] MX Free Theme Aquarium 信息

Android 2.1.0 以上

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