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This is the trial edition of RCSpeedo, the speedometer application for electric remote-controlled airplanes. It is exactly the same as the full version, except 7 days after it is initially used, it will lock itself down and become non-functional. Also, it requires an Internet connection and for you to be logged into a Google account on your phone.
This trial edition is intended for you to be able to test RCSpeedo out with your plane(s) to see if it works for you. Please, if you like this app, buy the full version!
RC Speedo is a speedometer app for EDF's, pylon racers, pushers, and other hi-speed electric radio-controlled airplanes. It works by doing doppler analysis on the sound of an RC airplane making a speed run recorded through the phone's microphone. This method of finding an RC aircraft's speed was pioneered by RC enthusiasts over the past couple of years to accurately calculate the speed of a radio-controlled airplane with nothing but a clean sound clip of the airplane making a speed run past the pilot.
With RC Speedo the process is greatly simplified: just bring your phone to the field and hit "listen". As you make passes with your favorite airplane the phone will report your speeds back at you!
The Android RC Speedo App runs on any Android Smartphone running version 1.6 (Donut) or higher. It works best on devices running version 2.2 (Froyo).
The RC Speedo App works best with electric RC aircraft that have hi-RPM, low-diameter propulsion systems. This includes EDFs, pylon racers, pusher jets, and any other airplane that matches the description. RC Speedo currently will NOT work on planes that are extremely quiet, operate at low RPM's, turbines, most nitro planes, and obviously planes with no propulsion system at all. It also cannot detect anything moving slower than 25 MPH. Future versions may support some of these aircraft types so keep checking back!
To view a manual for the app and see some videos of it in action, visit:
It's come to my attention that this app fails in many spectacular ways on the Galaxy S and it's brethren. For some people (and my test phone), it works fine, but others experience wifi connectivity issues, crashing or the app just fails to install. It's been my experience that most of these problems are due to rooting or custom ROM's, so if that description matches you, be aware that you may have problems with it. If you do have problems, you should try turning off your wifi and gps while using the app, as well as turning off the gps feature in the apps settings menu. This is a hardware issue caused by Samsung, and there's nothing I can do about it. Apologies.
RC Speed​​o的是EDF的速度计的应用程序,竞速,拆,其他的高速电动无线电控制的飞机。它的工作原理做多普勒分析的声音通过手机的麦克风记录的速度运行的RC飞机。这种方法找到一个RC飞机的速度率先由RC爱好者,在过去的几年中,以准确地计算出一个无线电控制飞机的速度,只不过是一个干净的声音剪辑的飞机飞行员的速度跑过去。
随着RC Speed​​o的过程被大大简化:只是把你的手机到外地打“听”。当你通过与您最喜爱的飞机,手机会报告你的速度,在你回来!
Android RC斯皮的应用程序运行在任何Android智能手机运行的是版本1.6(甜甜圈)或更高。它的工作原理最好的设备上运行的版本2.2(升级Froyo)。
RC Speed​​o的应用效果最好的电动遥控飞机有HI-RPM,直径推进系统的。这包括EDFS,竞速,推飞机,和任何其他飞机相匹配的描述。目前RC SPEEDO将无法正常工作是非常安静的飞机上,在低转速时,涡轮机,大多数硝基飞机,显然飞机没有推进系统。它还无法检测到任何移动速度低于25英里。未来的版本可能支持这些飞机类型,所以继续检查!
HTTTP :/ / www.rcspeedo.info的
*重要GALAXY S /着迷/史诗/着迷/ VIBRANT用户*

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Fixed bug that caused crash when logging was used.

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Android 1.6.0 以上

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