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iBreviary TS Pro Terra Sancta is the application that brings the traditional Catholic prayer of the Breviary and all the texts of the Liturgy on your Android phones and tablet.
iBreviary Pro Terra Sancta wants to contribute, through a partnership with Custody of the Holy Land, friendship and prayer for all Christians living Holy Places. iBreviary contains:
- Breviary, Missal and Lectionary complete in 7 languages and continuously updated (Italian, French, Spanish, Romanian, English and Latin)
- The text of the Breviary and the Missal in the Vetus Ordo Ambrosian Rite and Latin
- All the main prayers of the Christian
- Rituals for the sacraments and celebrations
- The liturgical texts used in the Holy Land Also iBreviary "Pro Terra Sancta" offers, than the first version of iBreviary:
- The new section, "Rites", with all the rituals and texts for the various celebrations Catholic (Adoration of the Eucharist, the Sacraments, Blessings, etc.).
- The brand new "Terra Sancta" the liturgical texts used in the Holy Land
- Keep in touch through the blog and the pages of the Franciscans Holy Places. - A rich section dedicated to Saints
- Store a day on any device
- Full management of saved days (selection and cancellation)
- Unlimited storage days (something very much in demand by those who want to download a bit of days for travel or long period without internet access from your Android
- Instantly download the entire week (continuing to quietly use the application without having to wait for the download).
- Enlarge and diminish the character of the text, with the flick of the fingers on the screen
- The ability to adjust the color of the background for a better reading of texts
- Application Languages: Italian, Inglese, Spanish, Deutsch, Française, Romanian - Content Languages: Italian, Inglese, Spanish, Français, Romanian, Latinum
- Languages constantly updated content.
- A new graphical interface
iBreviary TS Pro的兵马俑SANCTA的应用程序带来了传统的天主教祈祷的祈祷和您的Andr​​oid手机和平板电脑的礼仪上的所有文本。
iBreviary临兵马俑SANCTA想作出贡献,通过合作伙伴托管的圣地,友谊和祈祷,为所有的基督徒生活圣地。 iBreviary包括:
- 祈祷,弥撒,Lectionary 7种语言,并不断更新(意大利语,法语,西班牙语,罗马尼亚语,英语和拉丁语)
- VETUS奥安布罗西安成年礼和拉丁美洲的祈祷和弥撒中的文本
- 所有主要的基督教祈祷
- 的圣礼仪式和庆祝活动
- 也iBreviary礼仪文本在圣地“专业土地SANCTA”提供,比第一个版本的iBreviary:
- 新的一节,“礼记”,所有的仪式和各种庆典天主教(朝拜圣体圣事,祝福等)的文本。
- 全新的“兵马俑SANCTA”礼仪文本在圣地
- 保持联系,通过博客和网页的方济各会圣地。 - 丰富的专门圣徒
- 每天存储在任何设备上
- 全面管理保存的天(选择和取消)
- 无限存储天(非常多的东西在那些谁想要下载一个位天的旅行或长期没有从Android的互联网接入的需求
- 即时下载一整周(继续悄悄地使用应用程序,而无需等待下载)。
- 放大和缩小字符的文本,在屏幕上用手指轻弹
- 调整的背景颜色的能力,更好的阅读的文本
  - 应用语言:意大利语,Inglese旅游,西班牙语,德语,法语,罗马尼亚语 - 内容语言:Inglese旅游,意大利语,西班牙语,法语,罗马尼亚语,拉迪纳蒙
- 语言不断更新的内容。
- 一个新的图形界面

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Please, try uninstall and reinstall app if crashes. Send crash reports to help us.

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Android 3.0.0 以上
Paolo Padrini


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