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NSDroid for NetSuite CRM NSDroid for NetSuite CRM NSDroid for NetSuite CRM NSDroid for NetSuite CRM NSDroid for NetSuite CRM NSDroid for NetSuite CRM

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NSDroid is FREE app that provides a convenient way to access and edit NetSuite CRM data on the go. Empower your team by providing them instant access to important NetSuite CRM information. Look up a customer's address and immediately get directions using our integration with Google Maps. Update client and contacts information on the spot. Call or email a customer with a single gesture from the app. Search for customers and their relevant information by speaking into the phone while driving, or perform a text based search. Scan and upload business cards directly into NetSuite.
With NSDroid you can also push your Netsuite Calendar to Google and sync it to any other device that supports Google Calendar Integration.
Simply log in with your NetSuite Username & Password!
NOTE: If you encounter the error "You do not have permission to access web services feature”, please contact your NetSuite Admin to enable web services. For more details on how to resolve this error and other common issues, please visit the NSDroid FAQ page http://www.folio3.com/corp/nsdroid-frequently-asked-questions-faqs/
NSDroid is now available with more enhanced User Experience and Feature Set:
- Simplified Login: Just enter your NetSuite Username & Password
- Free 7 day trial of Premium features, for new users
- Netsuite Calendar Integration - Add & Edit Events / Phone Calls / Tasks (Premium feature)
- Push your Netsuite Calendar to Google (Premium feature)
- CardGrab - Scan & Upload business card details as NetSuite Contacts / Leads (Premium feature)
- Time Tracking Entries [View / Add/ Approve] (Premium feature)
- Customers [Add/Edit]
- Prospects [Add/Edit]
- Leads [Add/Edit]
- Contacts [Add/Edit]
- Cases [Add/Edit]
- Opportunities [Add/Edit]
- Quotes [Edit]
- Inventory items & details [View] (Premium feature)
- Switch to different roles
- Search at Server
- Custom Fields (Premium feature)
- Filters on all Lists (Premium feature)
- Ability to Rate NSDroid from within the app.
- Ability to Share NSDroid with your NetSuite and Device Contacts.
Upgrade to the Licensed Version (in-app purchase) to Unlock the Premium Features! There are a number of License Types Available (3 Monthly, Half Yearly, Annual) for a Variety of Users (Single User, Two / Three / Four / Five & Six seats).
What's new:
Version 3.4.3:
- Bug fixes
- Enhanced data filters
- Support for special characters in NetSuite password
- Better stability
Version 3.4:
- Card Grab Feature - Now you can take a photo of a business card and save the details as NetSuite Contacts / Leads.
- Inventory Items - View inventory lists & item details.
- Time Tracking - View / Add / Approve time tracking entries.
Version 3.3.1:
Improved User Interface, Stability and Performance.
Version 3.2:
Rate NSDroid from within the app.
Share NSDroid with NetSuite and Device Contacts.
Version 3.1.6:
Inclusion of Tasks and Phone Calls in Calendar
Add/Edit Calendar Events, Tasks and Phone Calls
Push NSDriod Calendar to Google Calendar
Free 1 week trial license for New Users
Addition of SalesRep filter in Customers, Prospects, Leads, Cases, Opportunities and Quotes Lists
NSDroid是免费的应用程序,它提供了一种便捷的方式来访问和编辑在旅途中的NetSuite CRM数据。通过为他们提供即时访问重要NetSuite的CRM信息,使您的团队。查找客户的地址,并立即用我们与谷歌地图的整合路线。更新现场客户和联系人的信息。打电话或从应用程序的单一姿势电子邮件客户。搜索客户,并对着手机一边开车,或执行一个基于文本的搜索他们的相关信息。扫描和上传名片直接进入NetSuite的。
注意:如果你遇到错误“您没有权限来访问Web服务功能”​​,请联系您的NetSuite的管理,使网络服务有关如何解决此错误等常见问题的更多详细信息,请访问NSDroid FAQ页面http://www.folio3.com/corp/nsdroid-frequently-asked-questions-faqs/
- 简化登录:只要输入您的NetSuite的用户名和密码
- 的高级功能免费7天的试用期,对新用户
- NetSuite的日历集成 - 添加和编辑活动/电话呼叫/任务(高级功能)
- 把你的NetSuite的日历谷歌(高级功能)
- CardGrab - 扫描和上传名片信息作为NetSuite公司联系人/信息(高级功能)
- 时间跟踪项[查看/添加/批准](高级功能)
- 客户[添加/编辑]
- 展望[添加/编辑]
- 信息[添加/编辑]
- 联系人[添加/编辑]
- 案例[添加/编辑]
- 机遇[添加/编辑]
- 行情[编辑]
- 库存物品和详情[查看](高级功能)
- 切换到不同的角色
- 搜索的服务器
- 自定义字段(高级功能)
- 在所有列表过滤器(高级功能)
- 从应用程序内能够速率NSDroid。
- 能够分享NSDroid你NetSuite和设备联系人。
- Bug修复
- 增强的数据过滤器
- 支持在NetSuite的密码特殊字符
- 更好的稳定性
- 卡抓取功能 - 现在,你可以把一张名片的照片并保存细节,NetSuite的联系人/信息。
- 库存物品 - 查看存货清单和项目的详细信息。
- 时间跟踪 - 查看/添加/批准时间跟踪条目。

NSDroid for NetSuite CRM 更新内容

- Bug fixes
- Enhanced data filters
- Support for special characters in NetSuite password
- Better stability

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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