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NFL Game Pass Mobile

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NFL Game Pass Mobile NFL Game Pass Mobile NFL Game Pass Mobile NFL Game Pass Mobile NFL Game Pass Mobile NFL Game Pass Mobile NFL Game Pass Mobile NFL Game Pass Mobile NFL Game Pass Mobile NFL Game Pass Mobile

NFL Game Pass Mobile 描述

With an NFL Game Pass subscription you can watch Live NFL games on all your Android devices including smartphone, tablet and connected TV device. Watch live Preseason and Regular Season games, plus Playoffs and Super Bowl. With NFL Game Pass you can also get access to: NFL RedZone, 24/7 NFL Network Live, Archives, Condensed Games, Coaches Film, scores, stats and more.*
For 2016, there are many improvements and performance upgrades to the application based on your feedback. Thank you to fans everywhere for your continued support of NFL football.
• Live Games - NFL Football games, Live and on demand for Preseason, Regular Season, Playoffs & Super Bowl
• NFL RedZone – See every touchdown from every game live on Sundays
• NFL Network – Watch NFL Network live 24/7
• NFL Archives – Get archived games and network shows from the last three years
• Coaches Film – The exclusive “ALL 22” angle view
• Condensed Games – Watch full NFL football games in approximately 30 minutes
• Scores – View scores from around the league (option to turn off scores)
• Stats – Full box score of stats for live and archived games
NOTE: This product is in English only
Don’t miss out on other great NFL Mobile Products including: NFL Mobile, NFL Fantasy, and NFL Fantasy Cheat Sheet. Learn more about NFL Mobile products at: nfl.com/mobile, twitter.com/nfl, and facebook.com/nfl
For customer support please visit (gamepass.support.nfl.com) to chat live with a support specialist.
* Certain restrictions apply. Requires a paid subscription to NFL Game Pass. To learn more, visit NFL.com/GamePass. Availability of HD-quality video is subject to device internet-connection speed and to the system requirements for streaming content at higher bitrates. Product designs subject to change. NFL Game Pass is only available to users located outside the United States, Bermuda, Antigua, the Bahamas, and any U.S. territories, possessions and commonwealths. Additional blackout restrictions apply in Canada, the UK and Ireland. For a full description of device-specific features, requirements, limitations, and other information, visit our FAQs (gamepass.support.nfl.com).
随着NFL比赛Pass订阅,你可以看你的所有的Andr​​oid设备,包括智能手机,平板电脑和联网电视设备NFL比赛直播。观看现场直播的季前赛和常规赛,季后赛以及和超级杯。随着NFL比赛通票还可以访问:NFL REDZONE,24/7 NFL网络直播,档案馆,浓缩运动会,教练电影,分数,统计数据和更多*
•现场游戏 - NFL橄榄球游戏,生活和对季前赛,常规赛,季后赛和超级碗需求
•NFL REDZONE - 看到每一个触地,从每场比赛直播周日
•NFL网络 - 观看NFL网络每天24小时生活
•NFL档案馆 - 获取游戏存档,并从过去三年的网络展示
•教练电影 - 独特的“ALL 22”视角
•简明游戏 - 约30分钟观看全NFL橄榄球赛
•成绩 - 来自各地的联赛(选项关闭分数)查看成绩
•统计 - 全箱分数统计的直播和存档的游戏
*某些限制。需要付费订阅NFL比赛通行证。要了解更多信息,请访问NFL.com/GamePass。可用性的高清质量的视频受到设备的互联网连接速度,并在更高的比特率流媒体内容的系统要求。产品设计可能发生变化。 NFL游戏通行证仅提供给位于美国,百慕大,安提瓜,巴哈马,任何美国领土,财产和政体以外的用户。附加停电限制在加拿大,英国和爱尔兰。对于设备特定的功能,要求,限制以及其他信息的完整说明,请访问我们的常见问题解答(gamepass.support.nfl.com)。

NFL Game Pass Mobile 更新内容

Minor bug fixes

NFL Game Pass Mobile 历史版本

NFL Game Pass Mobile 使用技巧

NFL Game Pass Mobile 信息

Android 2.3.7 以上

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