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Car Black Box application records and keeps track of what happens while you drive by taking pictures and by using the GPS module integrated in your phone. In case of a road event (accident) detected using the accelerometer sensors of your phone, the application sends notifications to your configured contacts and Twitter profile.
This application saves all pictures to the sdcard so it requires an available sdcard with at least 100 Mb of free space.
Before starting the application you should check that the following compulsory steps were taken:
1. Input valid contact phone number (phone number to send text to) and configure your twitter profile;
2. Choose the desired communication channel (SMS, Twitter or both);
3. Input emergency message (text to send in case of emergency);
4. Choose how many images you wish to record for an event and the maximum size of footage until some of them will be erased;
5. Choose the folder name for the saved pictures.
From the "Settings" view (Settings - Basic), you can also enable and disable warning messages, choose the desired measurement system (Metric or Imperial), enable and disable the use of the GPS satellites or set the image quality.
By pressing the "Test" button from the "Channels" view you will send notification messages to your configured channels, just as in case of an accident.
To start the application, tap "Start" in "Main" view and adjust your phone in the dock for a correct display.
From this moment on, the application will display a new view: "Statistics" view with some values: the car's current, average and maximum speed, its current and maximum altitude, the time elapsed since the values were last reset, the distance traveled and the direction.
If there are no notification channels configured, if the GPS is disabled or if there is not enough space on sdcard, the application will let you know by changing the color of the corresponding led (from gray to red) in the "Statistics" view.
Also, by pressing the button from the right of the compass, the stored traveling values will be reset, and by pressing the button from the left of the compass, an instant event will be created (as in case of a detected accident).
If the application detects a shock greater than an emergency value, it will notify you and will offer the possibility to cancel sending SMSs and posting on Twitter (in case they were configured).
If the cancel button is not pressed in the next 30 seconds, the notifications are going to be sent.
A notification contains your configured emergency message and if the GPS is enabled but the Internet is disabled the message will contain also the latitude and longitude coordinates. If both GPS and Internet are enabled, the emergency contacts will receive a link with your position on the map at the time of the accident.
If you want to view the recorded images, tap "Events" from the "Main" view and choose the desired record. Any record can also be deleted. A separate record is created only in case of an event (accident). Otherwise, all images are stored in the default event ("All Pictures").
If you press the "Home" button of the phone, the application will continue to run in the background.
When you want to stop the application, tap the "Back" button of the phone in the "Statistics" view.

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Android 4.0.3 以上

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