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Neverending oftheday!

Neverending oftheday!

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Neverending oftheday! Neverending oftheday!

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Neverending oftheday! Stay connected and get something new every day.

You're one stop app to learn, read or see something new every day. The best of the day application on the market!

We decided to take your classic word of the day application and make it better. Not only can you get a word for the day but you can also get urban words, spanish words, quotes, photos and many more to come. We do our best to bring you quality content from quality sources.

Is there something you would like to see on a daily basis? Please hit us up with suggestions and comments! We would love your feedback and creative ideas on how to improve our app.

* It's FREE!
* View different of the day lists
* Changeable theme
* Intuitive and easy to read user interface
* Facebook Sharing
* Savable History
* Links to original content
* Application market update notification on home page

Recent Improvements:
* Improved data download and management
* Added market & current version display in menu->News
* Links on entry page are now clickable
* Manual reload button in menu
* News button in menu to view recent updates and more!

Upcoming Features:
* Customizable widget
* Save to favorites
* Twitter & SMS sharing

Current of the day lists include:
* Dictionary.com word of the day
* Dictionary.com spanish of the day
* National Geographic photo of the day
* Urban Dictionary Urban word of the day
* The Free Dictionary word of the day
* The Free Dictionary quote of the day

Error reporting:
Please report any errors that NEotd! Might have. We want to maintain a quality product but can only do so with your help. Thanks!!

Neverending oftheday! 更新内容



- bug fixes


- minor fix: force close during onDestroy (thanks for reports!)


- improved data download and management

- decreased file size


- added market & current version display in menu->News

- Improved & fixed issues with Facebook sharing

- improved handling of errors during application load

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Android 1.5.0 以上

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