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NewsChannel 9 WSYR Syracuse

NewsChannel 9 WSYR Syracuse

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NewsChannel 9 WSYR Syracuse NewsChannel 9 WSYR Syracuse NewsChannel 9 WSYR Syracuse NewsChannel 9 WSYR Syracuse NewsChannel 9 WSYR Syracuse NewsChannel 9 WSYR Syracuse NewsChannel 9 WSYR Syracuse NewsChannel 9 WSYR Syracuse

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Get the latest news and weather wherever you go with the NewsChannel 9 WSYR app.
Check LiveDoppler 9 and zoom in to your neighborhood with the first ever mobile interactive radar. The Storm Team forecast is always available, and the app can check your location to give you the forecast wherever you are.
News stories are updated 24/7, so you can see what's happening now in Central New York and get the top national and world stories, all in one app.
Plus, it's the only app with the power of Your Stories. You can get The Real Deal on new scams and read the latest consumer investigations. With updates from OnTheLookout.net, find out when crime is happening in your neighborhood and see cases that police need your help solving.
Send us story ideas, breaking news, or let us know there's something you think we should check out, without having to close the app. You can share photos and videos, too.
When you capture a great snapshot on your phone, send it in. It might get picked as our Picture of the Day and be featured on NewsChannel 9 at 6:00.
Overview of features:
- The latest local headlines, plus news from across the country
- Stories you'll only get from NewsChannel 9: The Real Deal, On The Lookout, and Your Stories
- Interactive Radar, Live Doppler 9, and the latest Storm Team forecast
- A full list of the latest school delays and closings
- Send us Your Photos and Videos
- Receive Alerts for Breaking News, Severe Weather and More
- A live traffic map shows you traffic speeds right now
- Share stories via Email, Text Message, and on Facebook and Twitter
获取最新的新闻和天气无论您与的NEWSCHANNEL 9的WSYR应用程序。
检查LiveDoppler 9和放大你的邻居,有史以来第一次手机互动雷达。风暴队的预测是总是可用的,和应用程序可以检查你的位置给你的预测,无论你身在何处。
当你捕捉一个伟大的快照您的手机上,发送它,它可能会作为我们的每日一图采摘特色9 NEWSCHANNEL的6:00。
- 当地最新的头条新闻,加上来自全国各地的新闻
- 故事你就只能得到从NEWSCHANNEL 9:真正的新政,对山,你的故事
- 互动,现场多普勒雷达,最新的暴风车队预测
- 一个完整的列表的最新学校延误和关闭
- 向我们发送您的照片和视频
- 最新新闻,恶劣的天气和更多的接收警报
- 实时交通地图显示行车速度
- 通过电子邮件,短信,Facebook和Twitter上分享的故事

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