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Nexercise 锻炼达人

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Nexercise 锻炼达人 Nexercise 锻炼达人 Nexercise 锻炼达人 Nexercise 锻炼达人 Nexercise 锻炼达人 Nexercise 锻炼达人

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▶ Featured on CBS, “The Doctors” talk show as the best fitness tracker for weight loss
Track your progress and earn rewards on the largest mobile interactive fitness game of its kind. lose weight, gain motivation!
Perfect for your phone or your tablet!
Here is what the press says:
Shape Magazine: One of “9 Ways to Use Your Smartphone to Stay Motivated”
Mashable: A “Top Health and Fitness App”
JetSet Magazine: A “Workout Gadget to Whip You Back Into Shape”
Huffington Post: “A true Fitness App For Lazy People”
Washingtonian: “The Next Generation of Exercise”
Reuters: “Need motivation to hit the gym? Perhaps some free merchandise will work”
★★★★★ “Best app ever. This is one of the best motivation apps to date. I am constantly trying to get more xp then my friends and I got to say, It's fun! Since I have been using this app I have lost a total of 24+ pounds and only need to lose about 20 more pounds! If you are having trouble losing weight than this app is great for you!”
★★★★★ “I lost 35 pounds in the past 11 months and I Nexercise kept me motivated to keep going!! What are you waiting for... Trim that butt and that belly and go tell a friend!”
★★★★★ “I was looking for an app to help motivate me in my fitness goals, and this is perfect. Everyone is so encouraging and within a short time I had new friends motivating me and encouraging me to be fit! It's this type of support that I needed. Now I'm looking forward to compete and push myself to reach my goals.”
★★★★★ “Internal motivation wasn't working for me… This time last year, I was happy to get two workouts in a week… Now, I can't imagine going a day without exercise… This app works for me. I hadn't been able to make the lifestyle changes I needed to make without it!”
★★★★★ "I have never worked out before downloading this app, it makes working out fun and makes me want to do it everyday. This app has been amazing to my physical and mental attributes, my friends have made remarks noticing the difference and I tell them it's all because of Nexercise!"
★★★★★ “I NEVER have bothered writing a review before- but this app is worth it. It is fun, motivating, and challenges you to move up levels... Psyched! Lost 3.8 pound in a week with the help of this app and won some Kiip rewards! Awesome!”
★★★★★ " After trying many devices (some medical grade ;) that cost an arm and a leg this application works seamlessly with no actual money invested! Five stars!!!"
★★★★★ "I read about this app in Shape magazine and decided to try first during a a workout at the gym. Before I knew it I was Nexercising daily (not just at the gym) when walking, cycling on my bike route to work, and even while doing housework. Who wouldn't love a simple way to journal activity and win stuff through mPoints!??"
★★★★★ "Whether you are strength training, or just tracking a simple walk - this app turns routine ho-hum into play. Plus the Nexercise community provides better motivation than apps with detailed nutrition support or calorie burning information, like MyFitnessPal"
★★★★★ "I stumbled across this mPoint app while searching for weight watchers diets in the Livestrong MyPlate app. I love being able to earn rewards for exercising by going for an intensive cardio run with my trainer. I combine this with RunKeeper and it's goal setting while prepping for my race - it's like a fitness buddy who hands out prizes!"
With almost 200 activities, Nexercise is the perfect community based motivational coach and training tool for any diet or weight loss program.
Required Disclaimers:
- Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Nexercise uses GPS in the background only during exercise to validate activity and record routes.
- Google is not a sponsor any promotion.
★★★★★“最好的应用程序不断。这是最好的应用程序的动机迄今为止之一。我不断地试图获得更多的xp,然后我的朋友和我说了,这很有趣!由于我一直在用这个软件,我已经失去了一个共有24 +磅,只需要减掉约20斤!如果您有麻烦比这个程序减肥是非常适合你!“
★★★★★“无论你是力量训练,或只是跟踪一个简单的散步 - 这个程序变成例行浩哼发挥加上Nexercise社会提供更好的动力比的应用程序有详细的营养支持或卡路里燃烧的信息,如MyFitnessPal”
★★★★★“我在这个M点的应用程序迷迷糊糊,而搜索的重量观察家饮食中的LIVESTRONG MyPlate应用程序。我喜欢能够赚取由持续了一个密集的有氧跑与我的教练锻炼的回报。我结合这与RunKeeper和它的目标设定,而跃跃欲试了我的比赛 - 它就像一个健身哥们谁在发放奖品“!
- 续使用全球定位系统在后台运行,可以大大降低电池的使用寿命。 Nexercise使用全球定位系统在后台只在练习来验证活动,记录路由。
- 谷歌是不是赞助商的任何宣传。

Nexercise 锻炼达人 更新内容

*key* changes listed
- Bug fixes
- Track Water
- Track Sleep
- Can purchase away ads
Prior changes
- Name change
- Pull to refresh
- More XP for more strenuous activities
- Calories burned (can turn off in Settings)
- Widget
- Improved timeline, can pull up older items
- Invite friends improvements
- Enhanced "Activity Detail"
- Weight Tracking
- Track in background
- See friends working out with
- View profiles of *pending* friends

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运动健康 运动·健身
Android 2.3 以上

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