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Football Schedules (U.S. Pro)下载

Football Schedules (U.S. Pro)

Football Schedules (U.S. Pro)

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Football Schedules (U.S. Pro) 截图

Football Schedules (U.S. Pro) Football Schedules (U.S. Pro)

Football Schedules (U.S. Pro) 描述

-Provides a handy 2012 U.S. Pro Football schedule reference covering all games for all teams

-Includes a Menu item to filter by specific team and a search that can find games for a specific opponent combination

-Use it to plan your weekend TV, plan business trips to coincide with games, etc.

-Can be used anywhere, even when offline. Can even by used on a plane since it doesn't require connectivity once downloaded.

-The app records how many people choose to filter on which team, an indication of team popularity, here are the current %%%%'s:

Dallas Cowboys  12.5%%%%

Pittsburgh Steelers  8.2%%%%

New Orleans Saints  5.2%%%%

Philadelphia Eagles  4.9%%%%

Chicago Bears  4.6%%%%

Oakland Raiders  4.4%%%%

San Francisco 49ers  4.3%%%%

Green Bay Packers  4.2%%%%

Denver Broncos  3.7%%%%

Indianapolis Colts  3.4%%%%

Detroit Lions  3.3%%%%

San Diego Chargers  2.8%%%%

Miami Dolphins  2.8%%%%

New England Patriots  2.8%%%%

Atlanta Falcons  2.7%%%%

Washington Redskins  2.6%%%%

Cleveland Browns  2.5%%%%

Minnesota Vikings  2.5%%%%

New York Jets  2.4%%%%

New York Giants  2.3%%%%

Tampa Bay Buccaneers  2.0%%%%

Kansas City Chiefs  2.0%%%%

Cincinnati Bengals  1.8%%%%

Seattle Seahawks  1.8%%%%

Houston Texans  1.8%%%%

Baltimore Ravens  1.7%%%%

Buffalo Bills  1.4%%%%

Arizona Cardinals  1.4%%%%

Carolina Panthers  1.4%%%%

St Louis Rams  1.3%%%%

Tennessee Titans  1.1%%%%

Jacksonville Jaguars  0.4%%%%

Football Schedules (U.S. Pro) 历史版本

Football Schedules (U.S. Pro) 使用技巧

Football Schedules (U.S. Pro) 信息

Android 1.6.0 以上
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