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Sharify Your Sports!

Score and broadcast YOUR game with My Sports Cloud, an intentionally simple sports scoring application that instantly shares the live scores and other game action of your child's, or organization's sporting events using the magic of cloud computing. Build your community of shared users to broadcast your games, and view others.

NEW! User guide at www.mysportscloud.INFO
MSC PRO with photo and video sharing now available!

NOW available for iPhone!

Use our easy interface to keep track of the score while grandma, grandpa, and dad (who is away on business) see LIVE updates automatically (as soon as you post them) on their Android phone, iPhone, or via webcast at www.mysportscloud.com. Blog game events to a wall shared with all of your viewers. "Tommy just ran for 40 yards on 4th and 12!" "Way to go, Tommy! - Love Grandma"

With MySportsCloud You Can:

· Score Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse, and Tennis (more coming soon)
· Score AND Watch multiple games simultaneously with ONE app, and within one app session!
· Automatically share these scores with your viewers (they see what you do!)
· Blog game highlights to a shared wall with your community
· Upload and Share Photos and Videos of game action (Pro Version, NOW AVAILABLE!)
· Access and edit the game details for 5 days

This is the free version (ad supported) of My Sports Cloud – a game changer that is a FULLY functional and forever free sports scoring application. Score and share your football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, lacrosse, and tennis games quickly and easily (golf, swimming, and more coming soon). With the free version, you can also blog specific game events to the shared wall. The "pro" version is now available, and adds the ability to upload and share photos, and videos of game action. Both versions are available for iPhone/iPad too, and game action can always be viewed online on your PC, MAC or Tablet device.

MySportsCloud is intended to be simple, so you can focus on the game action- not on your phone. You don't have to worry about stats, outs, downs, field position, penalties, etc (though you can post these updates to the blog if you desire). Just use our simple interface to keep track of the game score, and inning, quarter, period, etc, while your cloud takes care of sharing it all with your viewers. Check out the actual screenshots below to get an idea of how simple our interface is. We wanted MSC to have the same feel of watching live scores like Sports Tap, ScoreMobile or Gamechanger.

My Sports Cloud is also great for schools and organizations that don't have other broadcast alternatives to keep their students or members involved. Just assign one person to score the game, and thousands can stay updated as the action unfolds! We have added an option to simplify sharing, so there is no need to individually approve your viewers (unless you prefer to). So just let everyone know your username, and they can simply send a request. Our application will do the rest and automatically give them access to any games your score, instantly, and indefinitely. Use our pro version to upload photos and videos for advertisers as a revenue source, or as a “perk” for existing supporters (this does NOT violate our TOS!)

If you have ever spent time frantically texting your friends and family about your youth’s sporting events (like I have), then MSC is the app for you. ‘Sharify’ your games with MSC!

Please note: Your and your viewers phones/device must have an established data connection in order for MSC to function properly. If you can surf the web from your location, then MSC should work fine, but if you are unable to establish a data connection, the game info will not reach our servers for broadcast. Due to the nature of cloud computing, this is beyond our control.

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Removed unecessary app permissions

General Bug Fixes and Improvements

Please keep sending your suggestions!

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