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Splendid City Stats

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Splendid City Stats Splendid City Stats Splendid City Stats Splendid City Stats

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Splendid City Stats [sc Stats] is an easy-to-use sports statistics tracking application. Create your own custom stats to track youth sports development. Ideal for coaches, assistant coaches, managers, and parents/guardians.
In addition to unique custom stats, SC Stat team sports tracker offers menus to quickly add common stats from popular sports like Soccer, Volleyball, Hockey, Basketball, Football, Baseball & Softball.
The interface can be fully customized allowing users the ability to define and keep track of any number of events for an arbitrary or unlimited number of players or participants. The software data entry features are quick and intuitive making it practical for live event tracking. Custom 'compound stats' can be defined to allow users to record many aspects of an event simultaneously, offering unparalleled granularity when tracking events. Users may also create custom 'derived statistics' by defining math expressions that incorporate existing tracked stats. By allowing users to customize all aspects of the data they compile, the software can become useful for virtually any situation, limited only by the imagination of the user.
Once users are finished or satisfied with their statistic data entry, they can share the results by exporting the information in HTML or CSV formatted files to their device SD cards, which can then be incorporated into additional systems to further process or to publish the statistical information collected via email or the web.
In addition to individual games, users have the option to save, merge and publish events that span over a season, tournament, or series or games or matches.
Verified to work with the following:
Motorola Droid X, HTC Evo 4G, Motorola Droid, HTC Droid Incredible, Motorola Droid II, LG Optimus One, Samsung Galaxy S, HTC MyTouch 3g, HTC MyTouch 4g
The software can work with additional phones, however we have only verified the phones listed above. Please report phones issues to:
We will work to resolve them for you.
摩托罗拉Droid X,HTC EVO 4G,摩托罗拉Droid,宏达电Droid Incredible,摩托罗拉Droid II,LG的Optimus One,三星Galaxy S,HTC的myTouch 3G,HTC的myTouch 4G

Splendid City Stats 更新内容

* Fixes a bug in 4.1 preventing users from selecting players from the list.
* Features to create new user defined 'derived statistics' based on math expressions incorporated from existing tracked stats.
* Support for creating 'custom compound statistics' to allow users to record many aspects of an event 'at the same time'.
* Offers users the option to save, merge and publish events that span over a season, tournament, or series of games or matches.

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Android 2.0 以上
Google Play

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