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Exchange邮件客户端HD Exchange邮件客户端HD Exchange邮件客户端HD Exchange邮件客户端HD Exchange邮件客户端HD Exchange邮件客户端HD Exchange邮件客户端HD Exchange邮件客户端HD Exchange邮件客户端HD Exchange邮件客户端HD

Exchange邮件客户端HD 描述

This is the version of TouchDown for Honeycomb/ICS/JellyBean Tablets and Smartphones.
- Revamped UI, card layouts in list views
- Custom Panning screens on home screen
TouchDown HD gets your Email, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks from your corporate Exchange server, and gives you a single tabbed view.
Licensing NOTE : This application is a 30 day trial version which can be upgraded to the full version by purchasing the TouchDown License Key application and installing and opening it on the device separately. ALL features are available during the trial period except the ability to change the signature on outgoing emails.
Now your Android tablet comes closer to Outlook when it comes to the user experience.
When it comes to corporate data access on your device, you get what you pay for. For a fair comparison, compare the download counts along with the stars.
NitroDesk, Inc. has been building and improving TouchDown since October 2008. We have improved the product through hundreds of internal versions, to bring you the best and most downloaded Email solution for Android.
Comprehensive : Support for most number of data types (Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks) and Notes and SMS syncing for Exchange 2010 servers.
Customizable : Dozens of options to make the app behave just the way you want. Custom notifications, speech notifications, viewing tweaks, pinch-to-zoom, peak times and many more.
SD card support : Move your data to the SD card if necessary
Widgets : Email, Tasks, Calendar, Universal Widgets make it easy for you to see your status at a glance. Support for third party widgets give you a wide range of choice
Most Secure: TouchDown supports exchange activesync policies such as PIN, Remote Wipe, Data encryption and Storage card encryption of corporate data. Hundreds of organizations trust TouchDown to ensure security, privacy and confidentiality of their data. Discerning organizations mandage the use of TouchDown to ensure high usability along with security.
Corporate Data Separation: TouchDown keeps your corporate data separate from your personal data. Without TouchDown, your employer can actually flatten your phone to factory defaults. With TouchDown, they can only remove corporate data belonging to them, leaving behind your personal information.
S/MIME: TouchDown is the only android solution so far that supports sending and receiving S/MIME signed and encrypted emails. S/MIME signing and encryption ensures that your emails are not tampered with, and can ensure that emails you send can be ensured to be visible only to the intended recipient.
Manageable : TouchDown integrates with most popular Mobile Device Management solutions in the market today, increasing the chances that your phone can play well with your IT organization's security policies.
LiveWare™ extension for SmartWatch
Smart Connect extension for SmartWatch 2
这是触地的蜂窝/ ICS /软糖平板电脑及智能手机的版本。
- 修补的用户界面,卡片布局在列表视图
- 在主屏幕自定义平移屏幕
全面:支持大部分数字数据类型(电子邮件,日历,联系人,任务),并说明和短信同步为Exchange 2010服务器。
最安全:TouchDown的支持Exchange ActiveSync策略,如PIN码,远端清除,数据加密和企业数据的存储卡加密。数百个组织信任触地确保安全性,隐私和他们的数据的机密性。挑剔的组织mandage使用触地,以确保高可用性以及安全性。
S / MIME:TouchDown的是唯一的Andr​​oid解决方案,到目前为止,支持发送和接收S / MIME签名和加密的电子邮件。 S / MIME签名和加密确保您的电子邮件不会被篡改,并且可以保证你的邮件发送,可以保证是可见的只有预期的收件人。
智能连接扩展的SmartWatch 2

Exchange邮件客户端HD 更新内容

- Incorporated feedback from our users (themes, copy contacts, rich calendar views, real estate optimization, and more)
- Fixed defects reported by our users
- Application update is now available to all devices running android 4.2.2 and above
- If you are using TouchDown HD on Samsung devices, we recommend updating Android Web View (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.webview&hl=en) which we've identified to be a main cause of frequent TouchDown HD crashes

Exchange邮件客户端HD 历史版本

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Exchange邮件客户端HD 信息

办公商务 邮箱
Android 4.2.x 以上
NitroDesk, Inc.


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