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Using eML for Dynamic eBooks 1

Using eML for Dynamic eBooks 1

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Using eML for Dynamic eBooks 1 Using eML for Dynamic eBooks 1

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NOTE: Please download the new version 2 from the Android Market - this is the old version (which is still good, but the new one now also supports Windows Phone 7).
This free book is also a powerful eBook creator and reader. Its 12 chapters take you through all the simple tags it provides, which enable you to make professional looking publications. Written by the author of the best selling "Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript", you can be sure that this book and software has everything a writer needs to self publish quality digital titles.
You simply write or edit your manuscript as normal, placing a few special tags when you need headings or emphasis. While other tags support displaying audio and video, as well as Google Maps, and a whole lot more. And no, the tags aren't even as complicated as HTML. For example, just enter "#h:2|This is a heading" to create a second level heading.
Publications created using eML support folding and unfolding of sections, so already viewed items, or sections not currently of interest to the reader, can be hidden. eML publications are also extremely versatile because they are all of an eBook creator, a reader and a website, in the same small set of files. Just copy them to a website, or put them in a zip file and your readers can easily view them straight away, with no need for installing any reader software.
What's more, eML documents automatically adjust to the device on which they are viewed, so that they always look great, whether on Macs, PCs, iPods or iPhones, iPads, Windows Phones, or Android devices. And if you know how to write apps for these mobile platforms, eML publications can be dragged and dropped in a single operation, into an Xcode , Eclipse/ADK webview or MS Visual Studio Express WebBrowser, and they will automatically adjust themselves into native applications, which you can sell or give away in an online App store. All you have to do is choose how to display the app, and which features you'd like it to have.
This free book has all the information you need to create professional and dynamic digital publications, and links directly to a downloadable zip file containing everything needed to write your own eBooks using a Mac or PC, or any device that can create and save text files.
The eBook and accompanying software are released under a Creative Commons Share Alike license, which means that they are free to use and free to pass onto others, as long as the same license is used when doing so. Any publications you create using eML belong entirely to you and don't have to be released under any license, unless you choose to do so. You are therefore free to distribute your titles in any way you see fit, including giving them away or selling them for profit.

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Version 2 is now available, which supports Windows Phone 7.

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