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Mista Mixtapes

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Ever get tired of listening to the same songs over and over again on radio, Mr Mixtapes app solves that problem. I have a website naientertainment.com, where I’ve been uploading several mixtatapes from me and a few of my close Djs in the game (of which I have express permission to use their mixes).What started as a joke turned out to be a hit with music fans all over the world. With the latest change in technology, I felt the need to start an app where i can load some of the mixes from my website and fans can listen while on the road.
I’ve spent time to carefully select BEST OF THE BEST Dj Mixes going back over a decade to offer you different flavours and genres of music. Access over a hundred Dj mixtapes only by one click. We have a lil bit of everything. You name, and we have it. From Soul/ New jack to Reggae, Dance, Hip Hop and RnB, Afican, Carribean, Dancehall. Old school to New School. I’ll be adding more mixes every week to keep the collection fresh and entertaining. All mixes are at least 45 minutes long of uninterrupted enjoyment.
Mixtapes have been grouped in different genres of music to make it easy to locate what you want to listen to.For best steaming results, we suggest using wifi or 3G connection. If you looking for some motivational work out music at the gym, this the app for you.
*All mixtapes are at least 45 minutes long
*Soul/ New jack
*Reggae and dancehall
*Hip Hop and RnB
*Afican music
*Carribean music
* Old school to New School
For latest mixtape news updates, follow us on TWITTER http://twitter.com/#!/mrmixtapes1

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