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Cool Tip Calculator 2

Cool Tip Calculator 2

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Cool Tip Calculator 2 Cool Tip Calculator 2 Cool Tip Calculator 2 Cool Tip Calculator 2 Cool Tip Calculator 2 Cool Tip Calculator 2 Cool Tip Calculator 2 Cool Tip Calculator 2 Cool Tip Calculator 2 Cool Tip Calculator 2

Cool Tip Calculator 2 描述

Free Tip Calculator app for Android (No Banner Ads - supports Phones & Tablets)
This app can calculate tip and total for a group two different ways:
1- Split a check evenly: Enter the number of people in your party and choose a tip percentage. The application will calculate the total tip amount, total to pay then split the check into portions equal to the number of people in your party.
2- Split an uneven check: Often people would rather pay for exactly what they ordered, and this is where the Cool Tip Calculator application really shines. Simply use the "Adjustments" feature, the application will then auto calculate the right amount of check total plus tip that each person needs to pay.
Cool Features:
- Attractive design
- Large keys for number entries
- Large easy-to-read text and numbers
- Color scheme and design for maximum ease of reading in low lighted restaurants
- Intuitive interface, easy to use
- Calculates tip with or without tax
- Divides tip amount among number of people
- Option for rounding tip amount, total to pay, and total per person
- Reference information on how to tip properly
- App will auto remember your settings (tip %, tax rated...) for next time use.
- Use Menu key to quick get back to the main screen to start over.
Android的免费小费计算器应用程序(没有横幅广告 - 支持手机与平板电脑)
1 - 斯普利特支票均匀:在你的队伍进入的人数,并选择一个尖的百分比。该应用程序将计算出总金额尖,总要付出那么检查分成部分相当于人在你方的数量。
2 - 斯普利特不均匀检查:通常人们宁愿支付正是他们有序的,而这正是酷派小费计算器应用程序真正的亮点。简单地使用“调整”功能,该应用程序将自动计算出签总量适量加小费,每个人需要支付。
- 有吸引力的设计
- 大键条目数
- 大型易于阅读的文本和数字
- 配色方案和设计最大便于阅读的低燃点的餐馆
- 直观的界面,简单易用
- 计算技巧有或无税
- 中人数除以尖金额
- 选项四舍五入每人小费金额,总要付出,总
- 如何给小费正确的参考信息
- 应用程序会自动记住你的设置(尖%,税收额定...)为下一次使用。
- 使用菜单键快速回到主画面重新开始。

Cool Tip Calculator 2 更新内容

- Bugs fixed
- Added Home icon so that you can jump back to first page quickly.

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系统工具 小工具 电影票 美食
Android 2.3.7 以上

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