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050 plus is an IP phone application for smartphones which allows you to make calls at fantastic low rates.
Unlike free chat software, you are given a special phone number starting with 050, so you can make and receive calls to mobiles and landlines.
See how the monthly subscription fee (free for first month and second month) and call charges compare with what you pay for calls every month.
You'll be amazed at what you could be saving!
■ Calls to landlines   8.64 yen/3 mins
■ Calls to mobiles  17.28 yen/min
■ Calls to other 050 plus users Free! (Calls to other affiliated 050IP numbers are also free*2)
◆ Monthly subscription fee 324 yen (free for first month and second month)
* Customers are responsible for covering packet data transmission fees which arise from calls or receipt of emails. We recommend the use of a capped packet data plan.
* Some mobile phone plans offering especially good call rates may result in lower call rates than 050 plus.
* Click here for the “Good price” page for details of call rates. http://050plus.com/pc/charge/
* All prices are tax inclusive.
*2 Click here for a list of affiliated free call providers. http://www.ocn.ne.jp/voip/phone/service2/
About Registration
■Customers enter into a contract when signing up to use 050 plus.
Payment may only be made by credit card.
■050 plus can be used on the handsets and terminals listed by NTT Communications as compatible.
See our website for a list of compatible devices(http://506506.ntt.com/ipphone/plus/notice.htm).
Main Functions
☆IP phone function (both make and receive calls) using an 050 phone number
☆Voicemail (up to 20 messages of 90 seconds or less can be stored for 168 hours)
→Sound files of voice messages (wav format) can be sent as email attachments!
☆Display of Cost-saving *3
☆Contacts list grouping function
☆text message function (new featuer)
☆Photo talk
☆Recommend to Friend function
☆Function to display the 050 phone number of the free-call recipient
☆Mute, speaker, hold functions
*3 The cost displayed by the "Cost-saving" function is only an estimate and may differ from the actual amount saved.
Click here for the official website
 → http://050plus.com/
●Please read the terms and conditions regarding the use of this application. (http://www.ntt.com/tariff/comm/pdf/c143.pdf)
050 plus是用于智能手机的IP电话应用程序,它可以让你做的太棒了低利率的呼叫。
■拨打固定电话8.64日元/ 3分钟
■呼叫其他050加上用户免费! (调用其他附属050IP数字也是免费的* 2)
*请点击这里“好价格”页通话费率的详细信息。 http://050plus.com/pc/charge/
* 2单击此处查看下属免费电话供应商的名单。 http://www.ocn.ne.jp/voip/phone/service2/
■050 plus可作为兼容由NTT通信列出的手机和终端使用。
☆显示器的节省成本的* 3
* 3的“成本节约”功能显示的费用只是一个估计,可能与保存的实际金额。
●请仔细阅读关于使用这个应用程序的条款和条件。 (http://www.ntt.com/tariff/comm/pdf/c143.pdf)

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通讯社交 电话通讯
Android 2.2.x 以上
NTT Communications Corporation

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