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andTIX Clock Widget FREE下载

andTIX Clock Widget FREE

andTIX Clock Widget FREE

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andTIX Clock Widget FREE andTIX Clock Widget FREE andTIX Clock Widget FREE

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[andTIX Clock Widget FREE]

andTIX Clock Widget is a bit of digital art for your Android home screen as well as being a fun and unique clock!

andTIX Clock FREE has all the features of andTIX Clock except the options for widget Shape and Style. andTIX Clock FREE is also ad supported. Ads will only appear in the Preferences screens, not on the widgets or main application. If you enjoy this application, please consider upgrading to the paid version to remove ads and internet permission.

andTIX Clock is easier to read than a binary clock. To read andTIX Clock time, simply indentify the quantity of illuminated items in each of the four colored sections.

1, 2, 3, 4 = 12:34

This application features 3 different sizes of widgets which can be placed onto the home screen, each with its own customizable settings. To add an andTIX widget to the home screen, long press an empty section of the home screen and select the Widget menu item. After adding, tap the widget to access the Preferences.

There is also a full screen application which is especially useful in landscape mode for phones or tablets that sit charging in a dock. This full screen application can be accessed via the main andTIX application icon.

Widget Features:
2x1 size
3x1 size
4x2 size
Changeable background: Translucent, Solid or None
Customizable colors
Custom update interval
Option for 12 or 24-hour time

Main Application Features:
Customizable shapes, colors, styles and animations
Custom update interval
Option for 12 or 24-hour time

andTIX Clock Widget FREE 更新内容


Fixed preferences display issue for Ice Cream Sandwich

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andTIX Clock Widget FREE 信息

休闲益智 休闲
Android 2.2.x 以上
Numlock Software

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