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NZ Herald News NZ Herald News NZ Herald News NZ Herald News NZ Herald News NZ Herald News

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Welcome to the New Zealand Herald Android app, designed to deliver the latest and most relevant news to you in the best way possible. Access the very latest in news, sports and entertainment from our award-winning journalists, plus specialist content from Viva.co.nz, Driven.co.nz, Spy.co.nz, Bite.co.nz, WatchMe.co.nz and other sites within the NZME. network - all at your fingertips, wherever you are.
You can now:
- Opt in for Breaking News and/or Rugby alerts
- View all your favourite sections of the Herald – National, World, Business, Sport, Technology, Photos, Video, Entertainment, Lifestyle and Opinion
- Quickly access our NZME Regional local news titles and Herald sub sections via the left hand navigation menu
- Search to help you find the topics and stories you want
- View the latest photo galleries and video in full screen
- Read comments on articles and post your own thoughts
- Share stories via your social networks
- Save and view stories, photos and videos later in your own personal reading list
We are always working to improve your experience and appreciate your feedback. Please send your thoughts, suggestions, questions or bugs via our feedback form at https://nzherald.custhelp.com/app/ask
欢迎来到新西兰先驱报Android应用,旨在以最佳的方式提供最新,最相关的新闻给你。访问的消息,从Viva.co.nz,Driven.co.nz,Spy.co.nz,Bite.co.nz,WatchMe.co.nz体育和我们屡获殊荣的新闻记者娱乐,加上专业的内容最新在NZME内和其他网站。网络 - 所有在您的指尖,无论你在哪里。
- 加入的最新新闻和/或橄榄球警报
- 查看所有先驱的最爱部分 - 国家,世界,商业,体育,科技,照片,视频,娱乐,生活方式和意见
- 通过左侧导航菜单快速访问我们的NZME地区当地新闻标题和报道子节
- 搜索,帮助你找到你想要的主题和故事
- 以全屏的最新照片画廊和视频
- 阅读文章的评论和发表自己的想法
- 通过社交网络分享的故事
- 保存和查看的故事,照片和视频在自己的个人阅读名单后

NZ Herald News 更新内容

We’ve listened to your feedback and made changes to improve your experience with the NZ Herald.
· Issue with social embeds and the PDF download has been fixed.
We have redesigned the app navigation, including:
· Improved access to profile settings including comments, saved articles, interests and email preferences.
· It’s now even easier to navigate between sections with an improved left navigation menu and updated network options.
· Weather fixes.
· Bug fixes.

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