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NBA: King of the Court

NBA: King of the Court

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NBA: King of the Court NBA: King of the Court NBA: King of the Court NBA: King of the Court NBA: King of the Court

NBA: King of the Court 描述

Rule the Courts. Rule the World!
NBA: King of the Court is a free to play, Location-based, Augmented Reality game. Compete to become the “King” of virtual basketball courts placed in real-world locations wherever you are!
• Real world locations become the battleground for basketball court supremacy (location based)
• Search for local courts and challengers in your area through an “Augmented Reality” browser camera view
• Outscore your opponents in an addictive, time based shooting contest to become the “King of the Court”
• Customize and defend your courts with awesome power-ups to both fortify and show off your kingdom
• Compete in weekly contests to gain additional rewards and badges.
• Find special courts that give bonuses to their king
• Track your scores against would be challengers with global and local leader-boards
• Challenge - and brag - to your friends using both in-game and Facebook messaging
• Hone your shot to unlock Achievements to add to your Honor Roll
• Customize - Show off your courts and team pride with skins of your favorite NBA teams!
• Collect royalties when players shoot at your courts
• Royal Courts! - Climb the royal ranks and face off against players worldwide to become King of the World!
• NBA Team Challenge - Represent your favorite NBA team. Which team in the league will have the biggest Kingdom?!
• Unlock cool Power-Ups which boost your game in unique ways:
o Offensive - Trigger auto dunks and hyper shots for instant points (i.e. Alley Oops, Slam Dunk, etc)
o Defensive - Crank up the “D” with effects that fortify your courts against would be challengers (i.e. Lockdown, Double Team, etc)
o Game Changers - Rack up your score by maxing your shot distance or unlocking extra shooting rounds

NBA: King of the Court 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:- Bug Fix for Crash when attempting to shoot on Royal Courts out of range.
- Bug fix for Balls depleting when using Shoot Again
Away Game! The most powerful Power-Up ever - Shoot at ANY LOCAL COURT, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!
Game Stats - View and track your shooting percentage, swishes, Coin and favorite Power-ups!
Sponsor Courts - Shoot at all New Courts to earn Real World Prizes!
Browser View - Optimized to find your Courts more easily
New Ball Rack options to keep you stocked up!

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休闲时间 跑酷竞速
Android 2.2.x 以上

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