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Guitar Instructor (Lite)

Guitar Instructor (Lite)

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Guitar Instructor (Lite) 截图

Guitar Instructor (Lite) Guitar Instructor (Lite) Guitar Instructor (Lite)

Guitar Instructor (Lite) 描述

Learn how to play your favorite songs on the guitar!

Load any MIDI (.mid) or Karaoke (.kar) song file and strum the chords on the light-up virtual guitar fretboard or practise on your own guitar. No need for guitar tabs!

=> Light-up Guitar fretboard with numbered notes for ALL notes
=> New user friendly interface!
=> Virtual Guitar fretboard - Play-along mode
=> Chord Detection and Chord Name display (Maj,Min, etc)
=> View chords from different tracks/instruments in a MIDI file
=> Tempo Control so you can slow down, pause and practise specific sections.
=> Separate volume controls for MIDI file and Virtual Guitar
=> Enhanced Virtual Guitar
=> Support for most MIDI files (format type 0 and 1)

=> This software is provided AS-IS and comes with NO WARRANTIES or guarantees.

** App requires Android 1.6+ and SD card **
** Certain Features may be limited or not be available in Lite version.
** Screen Multi-touch is not supported by all devices.
** Playing notes on Virtual Guitar is not supported by all devices.
** App response and speed varies across devices

Guitar Instructor (Lite) 更新内容


Changes v2.0

-> New user friendly interface

-> Show ALL notes on fretboard

-> Enhanced virtual guitar multi-touch precision

-> Note indicators for tracks

- Due to time constraints and dev resources availability Guitar Instructor will no longer be technically supported. The application will still remain in the market and available for download but technical assistance will no longer be available.

Guitar Instructor (Lite) 历史版本

Guitar Instructor (Lite) 使用技巧

Guitar Instructor (Lite) 信息

Android 1.6.0 以上

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