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Reddit阅读器BaconReader Reddit阅读器BaconReader Reddit阅读器BaconReader Reddit阅读器BaconReader Reddit阅读器BaconReader Reddit阅读器BaconReader

Reddit阅读器BaconReader 描述

“The Reddit App You’ve Always Wanted” – AndroidGuys
“Top 25 Best Free Android Apps” – Mashable
“15 Must Have Android Apps” – Datamation
BaconReader for Reddit lets you enjoy all of the best content and features of popular social news site Reddit. Access news and entertainment content, post links, pics and comments, and upvote and downvote to your heart’s content right from your Android phone or tablet. Now featuring a brand new material design interface and a comprehensive list of features, stay informed and entertained in the tastiest app available.
Tasty features include:
* Beautiful Material Design Interface
* Color-coded comment threads
* Themes with light, dark, and black backgrounds
* Multiple font sizes ranging from extra small to huge
* Split-screen mode optimized for tablet use
* List view, card view and slideshow mode
* Full user profile support including trophy case
* Moderator tools: modmail, spam, removal/approval
* Set user and link Flair via the app
* Upload images in comments
* Format toolbar (bold, italic, etc.)
* Supports i.reddituploads
* Multiple widgets: rotate, scroll, subreddit
* Full-featured inbox with orange envelope indicator
* Discover something new with “random” subreddit feature
* Comprehensive search: this subreddit, subreddits, all posts, for a subreddit, for a user
* Draw mode with meme creator for creating original content or modifying images
* Advanced filtering: domain, keyword, NSFW, subreddit
* Spoiler tag support for standard CSS subreddits
* Reddit Gold: Give gold on posts and comments, My Random, full subscribed subreddit list, no ads
* Secure login via Reddit OAUTH
* Multiple account support
* Multireddit support
* Cakeday notification
Need help with BaconReader? Visit reddit.com/r/baconreader to report bugs and give us feedback.
“在reddit的应用程序你一直想要的” - AndroidGuys
“前25名最佳免费Android应用” - 混搭
“15必须有Android应用” - Datamation杂志
*标准的CSS subreddits扰流板标签支持
* reddit的黄金:给黄金的文章和评论,我随机,全订阅版(Subreddit)名单,无广告
* Multireddit支持
* Cakeday通知

Reddit阅读器BaconReader 更新内容

What's New in 5.1.2:
- Fixed read post font in list view
- Images in comments now inserted inline
- Fixed search when not logged in
- Fixed misc. crash reports
What's New in 5.1.1:
- Set User and Link Flair (new OAUTH permission required)
- Upload images in comments
- Format toolbar in compose comment and message screens
- Report rationales based on "rules"
- Fixed webview freezing when app backgrounded
- Fixed i.reddituploads
- Several crash and bug fixes!!

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Android 4.0 以上
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