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Anti Theft Control 2012

Anti Theft Control 2012

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Anti Theft Control 2012 Anti Theft Control 2012 Anti Theft Control 2012 Anti Theft Control 2012 Anti Theft Control 2012 Anti Theft Control 2012

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Security Protection, Lock my Phone, Find my phone, Sim card Security *ANNOUNCEMENTS:* - Anti Theft Control 2013 Release Date: 25/10/2012 - ATC 2012 has been build to operate with AOSP and custom ROMS. However please dont leave negative comments and complains if you cant launch the app or make it work on a highly modded ROM. We will certainly not support all the amateur ROM developers out there. If it's not working for you then send us an email with your ROM details instead of rating low. - Keep in mind that ATC 2012 will appear in your applications' list as Photo Manager. This is a disguise because we dont want anyone to be aware there's a security application installed. To launch the application simply press the "Photo Manager" icon in your app list, read the description inside and then open your dialer and call this number: 4141 - To uninstall the ATC 2012 please disable "Device Administration" and "Uninstall Protection" options from the settings and then uninstall Photo Manager app. - Before your download and install Anti Theft Control 2012 YOU MUST read the documentation and watch the video guide. The application is extremly powerful and requires attention. - Giveaway Contests and News about 2013 Release on our Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/oneosolutions *PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:* Anti Theft Control 2012 Security Engine Will help you protect your phone from unauthorized activities and get phone's location. The app has many security measures and can't be uninstalled from the settings and the Play Store without password. Features List : - Fully Hidden from The System.- Uninstall & market Protection for all your applications- Perimeter Zone Protection- Sim Security Protection- Activation By SMS- Activation By Email- Activation By Call- Lock Phone Command- Lock Phone Widget- Control Panel Widget- Spy Cam Command- Spy Sound Recording Command- Spy Video Recording Command- Retrieve Call Logs Command- Retrieve Sms Logs Command- WipeData Command- Where's my phone Command- battery lvl command- Log Engine & Log Viewer- Block outgoing Calls- FTP Connectivity- Dropbox Integration- Automatic Lock Down if Sim Card change occur.- Notification for the unauthorized user with your personal information.- Automatic notification on your host phone number and your host email address of the phone's location and unauthorized user's phone number.- Automatic GPS tracking of the phone when Lock Down occur.- Find My Phone Ringer with sms command (even if the phone is in silent mode).- Customizations for the Ring Mode (Time and Vibration)- Boot and Connectivity Receivers for Checking The Status of your Protection.- Silent Lock and Ring Commands. ( will not appear on the sms inbox and will not make the phone to ring at all)- Programmatically enable mobile network data. (3G/HSDPA/LTE)- Programmatically enable WIFI data. - Please Read The documentation : http://goo.gl/uW9z6 - Anti Theft Control 2012 has been tested with almost all the popular devices on the market. If you cant get it to work with your device then maybe something is wrong with your setup, a 3rd party application OR a Custom ROM. Please report the problems and your device model. - Keep in mind that after market task killers and sms applications may cause serious problems to Anti Theft Control. We recommend to use the default sms application and no task killers. - In Order to use wipedata remote command and to protect Anti Theft Control 2012 from unauthorized uninstallation please Enable Device Administration. *SUPPORT:* - If you want a full GPS Tracking Engine with professional features please download from the market "Location Tools" - If you're experiencing problems with the app instead of rating low and provide useless comments Send us an email first and tell us your problem, your device and android version details.

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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