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GameOn GeTiNGeaR GameOn GeTiNGeaR GameOn GeTiNGeaR GameOn GeTiNGeaR GameOn GeTiNGeaR GameOn GeTiNGeaR

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strategies, live chat, guides, weapon stats, High quality video content
GameOn GeTiNGeaR Community is a powerful tool and a MUST app for all Gamers! Join Now the Community and enjoy a variety of services.
Main Application's Features:
- Read Latest News from all the big gaming sources on the internet.
- Live Chat with gamers from all over the world.
- Browse and watch High Quality gaming content from Youtube.
- Search Youtube Videos.
- Follow your favorite Youtubers.
- Favorite the videos you like.
- Share Your Favorite Videos on Facebook.
- Read Guides and Walkthroughts directly.
- Watch and submit your videos/channels on the Weekly top 20 Gameplay list.
- Watch and Search Game Trailers.
- Get With 1 click the best gaming videos for the Famous Youtube Directors.
- Save Youtube Channels and browse their content with 1 click.
Like our Facebook Page for contests and giveaways http://www.facebook.com/oneosolutions
* If your need extra help please read the Q&A.
* You need to have the official Youtube app installed on your phone.
If you're experiencing problems with the app instead of rating low and provide useless comments Send us an email first and tell us your problem, your device and android version details. if we can’t succeed to provide you with an update or a fix then you are free to comment whatever you want.
We need your suggestions to improve our services for you. If you have a suggestion a feature request or even a problem please instead of rating low, send your feedback to http://feedback.oneosolutions.com and we will check your request and if its possible will be applied in the next version of the App.

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Android 2.1.x 以上

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