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My PCSync

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My PCSync My PCSync My PCSync

My PCSync 描述

ftp, file manager, pc sync, data transfer, wifi connector, remote connection

My PCSync allows you to connect to your computer via WIFI and access your phone files fast and easy. You can also use all the ftp clients available to connect to My PCSync or your internet or windows browser/explorer.

Still under development many new features will come in time.

Features List :

- Fast Download Files from your phone.
- Fast upload Files to your phone.
- Option to Select Folders.
- Toggle on/off Widget for your home screen.
- Works with all the ftp clients available.
- Works with internet browsers and windows explorer.
- Option to Give full CPU speed for faster transfers.
- Easy UI.
- Notification Manager.
- Security Measures with username and password.
- Control panel and Log Manager.
- Option to Start on Boot.
- Tablet Support.
- Multiple screen sizes support.

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* Please Read The documentation from application's menu on how to use My PCSync.

* We offer Live Chat Support at www.oneosolutions.com

If you're experiencing problems with the app instead of rating low and provide useless comments Send us an email first and tell us your problem, your device and android version details. if we can’t succeed to provide you with an update or a fix then you are free to comment whatever you want.

We need your suggestions to improve our services for you. If you have a suggestion a feature request or even a problem please instead of rating low, send your feedback to http://feedback.oneosolutions.com and we will check your request and if its possible will be applied in the next version of the App.

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系统工具 优化
Android 2.1.0 以上

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