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QText: Reject Text & Blacklist

QText: Reject Text & Blacklist

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QText: Reject Text & Blacklist QText: Reject Text & Blacklist QText: Reject Text & Blacklist QText: Reject Text & Blacklist QText: Reject Text & Blacklist QText: Reject Text & Blacklist

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One of Top500 App: 4.9★Rating, Full Featured, No Ads: Send Text/SMS after rejecting/declining incoming as well as ★Outgoing calls, Fast Redial, Profile widget for Auto Text, Template+Buddy pairs. Bunch of features in one app. One of Top free 500 apps in communication category on Android Market.
★Ignore calls but not caller:
1. Incoming call reject SMS/Text : Lets you ignore an incoming call & send message. It can also send default customized message in time set by you.
2. Outgoing call reject SMS/text: First ever app to provide this feature. Let you send message to your outgoing rejected call. E.g. "It's urgent", "Nothing urgent, call back when free" etc.
A user friendly UI with icons of car, food, busy or Meeting along with other messages to convey why you are ignoring the call.
★ Redial
When some does not take your call, you have choice to send text (see above) or redial the person in just one click.
★ Predefined messages to your buddies
In our daily routine very commonly we send very much same message to same person e.g. “Starting now” to your tennis play buddies or “will be late today” to someone in family.
★ Templates
User can keep customized templates and quickly send them. This feature is very handy as we all have some very common talk. E.g. Before calling some one asking “Is it good time to talk?”. This feature has been brought keeping mind our daily routine communication.
Try this application and we are sure you will keep it forever like other 1000s of users.
Any suggestion/complaints you have, please send those to support@onionsystems.com.
Visit us at www.OnionSystems.com
Follow us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Onion-Systems/228467920553465?sk=info
One of the Best Android Apps to have on your phone.
1. Incoming Call Reject SMS/Text, Outgoing Call Reject Text/SMS, Quick Redial, Time based Auto Reject SMS/Text, Templates, SMS, time based text, Default SMS, Default text. Blacklist, block calls, block text, block sms, Best app, best phone app

QText: Reject Text & Blacklist 更新内容

1. Screen Timeout issue fixed
2. Improved UI.
3. Redial Button on "Outgoing reject" view to quickly redial
4. For quick and more user friendly UI, we have added Icon based incoming reject SMS/Text. Be aware that if you are upgrading, some of your incoming reject SMS/Text will be changed. Do give us feedback on support@onionsystems.com in case of any issues or if you want to suggest any improvements.
5. Outgoing reject text unlock fixed
6. Some important issues fixed
7. Signature feature added

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Android 2.0 以上
Google Play

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