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Lottery Xpress Powerball

Lottery Xpress Powerball

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Lottery Xpress Powerball Lottery Xpress Powerball Lottery Xpress Powerball Lottery Xpress Powerball

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LotteryXpress Powerball Better than the rest! Try LotteryXpress for FREE! Lottery Xpress Powerball Take the express to Power Ball wins! Take a photo of your lottery ticket or enter it and check it for winners! Check for jackpot or prize winners or set up for automatic notifications of winning number results! Expert number predictions and number quick picks to help you improve your odds of winning! Offline/Airplane mode for entering and checking results manually. Shows winning numbers and the next jackpot amount. Shows past lottery drawing info for up to four years! Scan/capture your ticket numbers, enter or edit your tickets or favorite/subscription numbers and store them on your phone! Improved UI, ticket editing and better support for tickets with multiple drawings. Over 200,000 potential winners identified by Lottery Xpress so far. All Users: If you experience problems try your Android Settings>About Phone>System Updates to update your phone. Note to EVO 4G Users: Check this link to make sure you have the proper OS patches before using this app:http://forums.androidcentral.com/htc-evo-4g/20956-evo-4g-camera-not-working-after-over-air-update.html Website:www.lotteryxpress.com NOTE:Supports changes to Powerball rules. All tickets after Jan 15, 2012 are limited to 35 Powerball numbers. Tickets entered and checked with draw dates prior to 1/15/2012 will still support the old rule for 39 Powerball numbers.

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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