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Learn to Meditate 1-5

Learn to Meditate 1-5

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Learn to Meditate 1-5 Learn to Meditate 1-5 Learn to Meditate 1-5 Learn to Meditate 1-5

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The Meditation Society of Australia is a registered non-profit organisation that has no financial, religious or any other affiliation with any religious groups or faiths. We are the creators of Open Source Meditation, a non-profit, open exploration of all meditation techniques, styles and traditions without any of the obligations or hidden agendas. We do not hide from utilising inspirational quotes from various sources but we are in no way linked.
These extremely popular meditation classes from the Meditation Society of Australia are now an app that feature a variety of meditation techniques including mantra, meditating with the breath and music, concentration and meditation on a object. The wonderful guided meditation audios for each class give you a fantastic aid to your own meditation, and will keep the whole process fresh and new. This is five separate classes on topics as basic as the mechanics of meditation right through to the meaning of life.

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13 Feb 2012 - a couple of bug fixes
12 Feb 2012 - Change so app can be copied to SD card.
11 Feb 2012 - Sorry to those who downloaded the first version - we have fixed up a few problems and now it is much better. The problem of installing 2 apps is fixed and we have installed a much better audio interface..

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