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Good Day Journal

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Good Day Journal Good Day Journal Good Day Journal Good Day Journal

Good Day Journal 描述

Your own private digital journal with password protection and graphs. This is a simple app that allows you to track your daily mood, similar to a diary or a mood tracker. Using a few simple buttons you can graph and analyze the number of good days and bad days you've had throughout the years. In addition, you can also record a note detailing that day's events. Its a daily journal you can take anywhere!

- Uses an optional battery-efficient background reminder that uses LED notifications to calmly remind you to rate your day. This is only launched when your current today has yet to be voted on. The time can be adjusted.
- Rate your mood each day using a 5 star scale.
- Password protect your entries!
- You can write an optional note for each day, detailing your day's events. Similar to a journal.
- No penalties for missing a day to rate. That day is simply not counted.
- Stores data for multiple years.
- Analyze your mood by viewing one of the two included graphs.
- Export and import your data so you can transport your data to another phone or device. You can also edit these files using Excel and other spreadsheet applications.
- Launch your reminder only on specific days of the week.
- Unlock the pro version for more features like the rating graph.

Coming soon:
- Editing and deleting ratings.

Note: this app was developed and tested on a Motorola Droid 1. While the app should functionally work on most android platforms, it may not look entirely correct on some platforms. If you notice an issue, please email me and let me know (ryno364@gmail.com) Currently, there is a bug where the rating stars are cutoff on the Motorola Xoom and other large screen devices. I am looking into a fix for this.

**Day rating data is stored solely on your phone. Rating data is NOT stored or transported to any other server and is NOT analyzed for marketing purposes. Rating data is solely owned and used by you and you alone and I do not intend to change that. I kept the End User License Agreement in there for certain precautions.

Good Day Journal 更新内容


* Added a new graph to the pro version.

* Changed the colors on the mood graph to match the new rating graph.

* You can now filter the new graph by ratings.

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Ryan Orman

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