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Sound Fader Light Dimmer

Sound Fader Light Dimmer

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Sound Fader Light Dimmer Sound Fader Light Dimmer

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Fades out sounds from custom volume all the way to silence. Dims screen light from full white brightness to black darkness. Great dimmer when used as only light source in the room. Great to fall to sleep while light and music fade. Specify custom time periods up to 2 hours. Nature sounds included: birds, crickets or custom MP3. Application can run while regular alarm clocks are active.

Application includes an option between light/sound or both. When fading light application runs full screen without the title bar. Great tool if you are afraid of the dark. Great tool if you don't like falling asleep in darkness. Great to relax. It's almost as turning your phone into a night lamp or a scheduled to dimm flash light. Don't like the included relaxing sounds? Pick your own custom music from your SD CARD MP3 files.

This application uses a combination of technology of a timer and slowly turning down your screen brightness as well as turning a full white bright screen into black. The combination of the two works really well as a light source in a room with no other light.

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Android 1.5.0 以上
p00fie mobile

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