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Secret Phone (free)

Secret Phone (free)

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Secret Phone (free) Secret Phone (free) Secret Phone (free) Secret Phone (free) Secret Phone (free) Secret Phone (free)

Secret Phone (free) 描述

After you first open this app you will only be able to enter by dialing your secret dial code.
To open the app dial your secret dial code into your phones dialer and press call,
The default dial code is "1111"
You can change your secret dial code in the "options"
(Please email me if you can't open this app)
Secret Phone is a phone hidden within your phone!
Its completely hidden in every way, there will be no icon in your application list and no trace of this app ever being opened. Complete stealth!
With Secret Phone you will have your own private phone book which you can send and recive private text messeges that wont show in your phones default sms app, make and receive calls to and from your private contacts and its like they never took place, a perfect place to store your private email addresses.
It comes with a fully working (flash ready) browser perfect for browsing the web without a trace of what you've been looking at showing up on your default browser, fully working bookmark system thats very easy to use, set home page, veiw the web as a phone or laptop with the user agent Option, many other settings included.
It also has a high security password protected safe "The Vault" a great place for storing passwords, notes, bank details... etc..
Backup and restore is made easy in this app with the option to backup straight from the home screen.
It also comes with a remote wipe feature, where by texting your chosen remote wipe code from ANY phone, the data from this app will be wiped off given you peace of mind.
*Send & receive SMS (without them showing in default SMS app)
*Private contacts
*Call blocker(with call log)
*Private dialer
*Private Web browser (flash ready, view as desktop or mobile)
*Private bookmarks
*Import images from sd card / download from private web browser and hide them in the app
*Hide private videos
*No icon in launcher draw
*No history of this app being opened
*Remote wipe data
*Full backup & restore
If you have any questions or problems please email me and il be happy to help, i cannot reply to comments so please email me if you need help
*This is a 3 day free trial*

Secret Phone (free) 更新内容

*Full SMS Conversations
*Call blocker
*All new call log and dialer
*New multi tab web browser
*Smoother UI
*Contacts are now in alphabetical order
*Fixed incorrect internal memory readout for some devices
*Media Vault improvements
*Import contacts
*Speed improvements
*Important Bug fixes
*Improved video playback for (4.0)
*Delete default call log fixed
*FAQ added

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Secret Phone (free) 信息

Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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