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Panacea Database Panacea Database Panacea Database Panacea Database Panacea Database Panacea Database

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Open Microsoft Access databases : 2000, 2002, 2004, 2007 and 2010. Accdb & mdb. Panacea Database allows you to open Microsoft Access databases. We currently handle: * Microsoft Access 2000* Microsoft Access 2002* Microsoft Access 2003* Microsoft Access 2007* Microsoft Access 2010 (most databases for 2010) Panacea Database can handle the ACCDB or MDB (Jet) format. The Panacea Database application workflow: First, you can either scan your SD card for all ACCDB and MDB files, or browse your SD card for those files. Then you select the database you want to use. The application then lists that database's tables. You then select the table of interest. You can then iterate back and forth through the rows of that table. The application also allows you to search for rows with a particular value in a particular column. The program will then display the rows which have that value for that column. The application allows for partial and case-insensitive text searches. Panacea Database is completely free. We have an ad banner on top of pages, and make money on clicks. Panacea Database is a new program. We call it version 0.3.1, meaning it is not at version 1.0 yet. We have tested it, and it works well for us in its limited functionality, but it does not have a lot of features yet. Subsequent versions will have more features such as: being able to grab Access files in places other than your SD drive, as well as allowing you to do more manipulation of your Access file (changing it, porting it etc.) It works well for what it does, but functionality is limited! If you like it but want more features, e-mail us and suggest which ones to work on first. Panacea Database makes use of the LGPL license Jackcess library which is under the Lesser Gnu Public License. It also makes use of the Apache commons-land, commons-logging and log4j libraries, which are under the Apache 2.0 license.

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Android 2.1.0 以上
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