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PaniniKeypad Kannada IME

PaniniKeypad Kannada IME

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PaniniKeypad Kannada IME 截图

PaniniKeypad Kannada IME PaniniKeypad Kannada IME PaniniKeypad Kannada IME PaniniKeypad Kannada IME PaniniKeypad Kannada IME PaniniKeypad Kannada IME PaniniKeypad Kannada IME

PaniniKeypad Kannada IME 描述

This is a Input Method Editor (IME) and can be used in all applications on your phone by selecting it. Instructions at the bottom.Panini Keypad allows one to type in Kannada and all other Indian languages on the phone with single keypresses (instead of multitaps) very fast and very conveniently by predicting characters that you are most likely to write next. This is a new Predictive text based on linguistics and offers many advantages. Try it!Two rules1. Look for the character, press it.2. If character not there, press Next List button.For ottakshra (half ka etc, consonant clusters) please put a halant [್] in the middle of the two consonants. The ottakshra will automatically form. The Halant [್] is also a character, predicted automatically like others and shown in red for your easy recognition.Examples:ಜ್ಞಾನ = ಜ+್+ಞ+ಾ+ನಪ್ರೀತಿ = ಪ+್+ರ+ೀ+ತ+ಿಧೀರ್ಘ = ಧ+ೀ+ರ+್+ಘಸ್ವಾಧೀನ = ಸ+್+ವ+ಾ+ಧ+ೀ+ನYou can type English in between the Kannada by switching to ABC mode. or you can include English/Kannada Numerals, Symbols and Smilies between the words by pressing the 123 button.There is no need to change the IME for typing English. Panini Keypad Kannada typing software for mobile makes your typing in Kannada very fast & easy in an intelligent & predictive way.Installation.1. Download and install this application on phone.2. Go to "Setting"->"Language & input/Locale & text" -> select Panini Keypad IME. (check on) Green.3. Again Go to "Setting"->"Language & input/Locale & text"-> set Default Keyboard/ Input Method as PaniniKeypad IME.4. Back to text input area, keyboard will appear on screen.5. Experience Fast & Easy way of Kannada typing on android phones.By using Panini Keyboard you can write Kannada sms in Kannada font, message, sandesh, chat, blogging, search, save address book,update status in facebook, twitter etc.Stay with PaniniKeypad & enjoy the typing. NOTE: While using PaniniKeypad, use pattern password to lock your screen. This keypad will not work to unlock your password protected screen."YOU MUST HAVE KANNADA FONT IN PHONE, OTHERWISE GETS SQUARE/BLANK BOXES".

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Android 1.5.0 以上

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