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The Parts Town mobile app empowers restaurant industry professionals with the ability to find parts and manuals for virtually every piece of commercial kitchen equipment out there. The app includes tools that make searching and purchasing parts a breeze.
The original Parts Town app was a helpful tool for tens of thousands of industry professionals who needed access to equipment manuals on the go. Today‘s app is much more feature rich and includes:
Live Text Chat – Chat with One of Our Customer Service Agents: The app includes real-time text-based messaging with one of our skilled customer service representatives. Get the answers you’re looking for now.
PartsMATCH 1.0 - Bringing Image Recognition to the Restaurant Parts World: Through the use of cutting-edge visual search technology, PartsMATCH allows customers to take 3 photos of their part, answer several brief questions, and get back the top visual matches from among hundreds of manufacturers, thousands of models, and tens of thousands of parts.
PartsMATCH Assistant - Fast, Convenient Help from a Parts ID Specialist to Find Your Part: The app allows you to optionally submit photos of your part along with other information such as serial number, voltage, and gas type, and be notified immediately once the specialist has located your part. Choose to receive an email notification or phone call in addition to the automatic push notification sent directly to your phone. Click through the matching part to quickly add it to your cart and checkout within the app.
Voice Search – Use Your Microphone to Search for Parts: In addition to using text-based keyword searching, you can use your microphone with our voice recognition solution to find parts. Just tell us what you are looking for!
Order History and Tracking – Review your order history and check shipping status: Simply log in, go to “Order History” and review details about your current or previous orders.
Download the app today. Check out partstown.com, or call Parts Town at 800-438-8898 for all your genuine OEM restaurant parts needs!
直播文字聊天 - 聊天与一名客户服务代理:此软件包括实时的基于文本的消息传递与我们熟练的客户服务代表之一。找你要找的,现在的答案。
PartsMATCH 1.0 - 将图像识别到餐厅零部件世界:通过采用尖端的可视化搜索技术,PartsMATCH让客户取3张照片的一部分,回答几个简短的问题,并从数百间找回了顶级视觉匹配厂家,上千种型号,以及数以万计的零件。
PartsMATCH助理 - 快速,方便的帮助从部件ID专家找到你的部分:该应用程序允许您有选择地与其它信息,如序列号,电压和气体类型一起提交你的一部分的照片,并且一次专家立即通知已找到你的一部分。选择收到电子邮件通知或电话,除了直接发送到您的手机自动推送通知。通过点击匹配的部分迅速将其添加到应用程序内的车和结算。
语音搜索 - 使用您的麦克风来搜索零件:除了使用基于文本的关键字搜索,你可以使用你的麦克风与我们的语音识别解决方案,以找到部分。只要告诉我们你在找什么!
订单记录和跟踪 - 查看您的订单历史记录,并查询发货状态:只需登录,进入“订单历史记录”和你目前或以前的订单审核的细节。

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- Bug Fixes

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Android 4.1 以上
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