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Baby Call Blocker

Baby Call Blocker

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Baby Call Blocker Baby Call Blocker

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Baby Proof your Android!

Password protect all outgoing calls!

Baby Proof your Android!

Block unwanted phone calls when your phone is in hands of your little one! No more surprises in your phone bill - all outgoing calls are password protected and your phone is safe in your baby/toddler's little hands.

NOTE: A paid version of this app is available on the android market, click on http://market.android.com/details?id=com.parupudi.apps.bcb.pro
(The paid version is Ad-Free and has a scheduler to disable call blocking).


- Why is the permission "INTERNET" necessary?
To display ads, it's needed to request those permissions. If you don't like to have ads or this kind of permission requests, you can purchase the Pro version.

- Does my phone need to be rooted to block calls?

- Can you block outgoing SMS too?
I am trying to do this - but it does not look like Android supports blocking outgoing SMSes. Will try to find a way around, but until then nothing much I can do about it :)

- Does not block calls?
Well this App should. If it did not work for you, please leave me an email and I'll try and fix the problem for you!


*Password protects all outgoing calls.
*Disable app for a set time if needed.

Please provide feedback to the developer (and feature requests, if any) and rate if you like this!

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Baby Call Blocker 更新内容


Thanks for all the wonderful feedback for this app.

Edit (26-Feb-2012): . There were some concerns around Ads displayed on the app, the ad-agency has confirmed that this App should not be receiving any more inappropriate ads. Thanks for you patience

Edit (22-Apr-2012): Thanks TimJ for pointing out a bug in the system - fixed now.

Changes for Version 1.3:

* Bug Fixes

* Vibrate on Call Block

Changes for Version 1.2:

* Bug Fixes

* Performance Adjustments

* Option to upgrade to Pro

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Android 2.1.0 以上
Ravi Parupudi

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