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My Logs is an application which functions as a log, journal, or note book. Each log entry is given a time stamp and assigned to a category. Create log categories that are useful for you. Keep track of Exercise, ToDo's, Medication, Work Activities, etc...
* Users Guide: http://www.ambitico.com/docs/MyLogs/mylogs_usersguide.html
* No Internet Permissions, your private data is safe with you. Beware of other log apps that can access your log entries without your knowledge.
* Categorized Log Entries. Comes with predefined categories to get you going. If you do not see a category that you need, you can rename existing categories, create new ones, or delete those you don't want to see.
* Templates: pre-define log details with text when adding a new log entry
* Attach files, photos, or recordings to log entry
* Recognizes Web, Phone, and Email text in log description creating clickable links
* View log entries in a List or Calendar view
* Swipe left/right to switch between List/Calendar view
* When in Calendar view, swipe up/down to change month
* Rate logs for additional significance
* Highly configurable. Create new log categories as well as rename existing
* Filter log entries by category, date, and rating
* Search logs for specified text. Highlight search text in log description
* Use Calendar view to set date filter by long pressing on a date
* Save logs as csv or html file with option to email
* Preference to treat "," as delimiter in log description when exporting as .csv file. Use commas in the log description to create separate cells in a spread sheet. Good for recording and plotting data entered in the log description.
* Backup and restore database (NOTE: It is highly recommended that you regularly backup your logs and save to a different storage media)
* Automatic backup of database to SD card
* Uses the phones system time (12 or 24 hr) and date format to ensure consistent time and date format between apps. (Note: You can override the system date and time settings from MyLogs preference settings)
IMPORTANT: If you have questions or issues, please contact us via email (support@ambitico.com). Do not post questions in the market as we are unable to respond.
NOTE: A number of users have given 1 star related to log categories. My Logs comes with predefined log categories to get you going. There is no limit to what you can log. If you do not see a category that fits your needs, you can rename existing categories or create new ones.
Please see Users Guide: http://www.ambitico.com/docs/MyLogs/mylogs_usersguide.html
Reponse to user comments:
Daniel Jul 17 & Maria Jul 3, 2012
Log categories are configurable. If you do not see a category, you can either create a new one or rename an existing category. To add a log entry press "Add Log Entry", select your category, add log details, then press "Add"
Jill July 1, 2012
Restore only works if you have done a backup of your logs
too on May 28, 2012
Log categories are configurable. If you do not see a category, you can either create a new one or rename an existing category.
Susan on March 29, 2012
You choices are not limited. Log categories are configurable.
Key: app, log, logging, logger, data logger, life logger, diary, note, memo, journal, secure, notepad, free.
*使用的手机系统时间(12或24小时)和日期格式,以确保应用程序之间一致的时间和日期格式。 (注:可以覆盖从MyLogs首选项设置系统日期和时间设置)

My Logs 更新内容

v1.6.7 Bug Fixes
- Unable to save attachments if category names start or end in white space
- When opening attachment, default apps are not being used
- Improve listing on Google Play
- Improve list view scrolling
- Update shortcut menu bar icons
Help support further development and stay current with what's new in My Logs Pro: http://www.ambitico.com

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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