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‮‪‮‪‮‪‮‪Robotic Guitarist ‮‪‮‪‮‪‮‪Robotic Guitarist ‮‪‮‪‮‪‮‪Robotic Guitarist ‮‪‮‪‮‪‮‪Robotic Guitarist ‮‪‮‪‮‪‮‪Robotic Guitarist ‮‪‮‪‮‪‮‪Robotic Guitarist

‮‪‮‪‮‪‮‪Robotic Guitarist 描述

‮‪‮‪‮‪‮‪Robotic Guitar ist is both a guitar emulator and music toolbox for guitar players and musicians in general and a fun and enjoyable musical playground for everyone.
Even if you don't know a word about music or can't play the guitar! Just play and it will sound good!
★ Amazing guitar emulator
Choose a chord without having to learn finger positions and just hit the strings. You'll enjoy realistic visual effects and high fidelity sound. You can strum, play arpeggios or any other desired technique. You can play licks as well.
★ The guitar lab (never-ending possibilities)
Have you ever wondered how a reverb-enabled, fuzz-distorted bell would sound?
♪ Lots of different sounds
Pick among a large categorized set of sounds including a number of kinds of guitars and playing modes and the sounds of all sorts of musical instruments. Make the guitar sound as a flute or a piano! Funny and exotic sounds are included too, like those from animals. Or even pick a different one for each string! What about creating a band with a human chorus for the lows and a violin for the highs?
♪ Easy-to-use effects
Create a nice atmosphere and add deepness with impressive sound effects like reverb, flanger and echo. Each one features a list of variants so it's plug and play!
♪ Versatile distortion
Would you like a heavier or harsher sound? No problem! Pick a kind of distortion from the several available and set an intensity level. Your electric guitar will be absolutely electrifying!
★ Chord guide
An easy-to-use interface allows you to change your chord selection on the go. You'll see at all times a diagram showing finger positions. Very useful for learners or for those who play already and need to recall a chord.
★ Custom chords and chord presets
You'll be able to take music as far as your imagination takes it because you have the possibility of creating your own chords with a easy-to-use editor. They don't have to be actual guitar chords, but any layout of notes whose sound you like. You'll be able to play those songs with weird hand positions, since you are not limited to standard chords. You can define free strings you can play licks on. This feature allows, for example, to follow a tablature with much more fidelity.
Furthermore, you'll be able to save the chord set you have been composing so you can recover it later, with no need of defining it again chord by chord. That way you'll have at hand every chords needed for each song or experiment.
★ Reliable guitar tuner
If you play a non-virtual guitar, ‮‪‮‪‮‪‮‪Robotic Guitar ist is your loyal electronic pocket tuner. It's able to detect frequencies with high accuracy.
★ Handy digital metronome
It has settings for tempo (BPM) and different time signatures. Keep the rythm!
Keep in touch through Facebook! http://facebook.com/Pedrocorpbook
Pedrocorp Network on YouTube: http://youtube.com/PedrocorpNetwork
机器人吉他  IST是既概括吉他仿真器和音乐工具箱为吉他手和音乐家和乐趣,为大家愉快的音乐游乐场。
选择一个和弦,而不必学习手指位置,只是击中了弦。 您可以享受逼真的视觉效果和高保真的声音。您可以弹奏,播放琶音或任何其他所需的技术。你可以玩舔以及。
★吉他实验室 (永无止境的可能性)
你想较重的或更严厉的声音?没问题!从几个可用,并设置一个强度等级匹克是一种失真。 你的电吉他是绝对激动人心!
如果你玩一个非虚拟吉他,吉他自动  IST是您忠实的电子调谐器的口袋。它能够检测与高精度的频率。
它有速度(BPM)和不同拍的设置。 保持节奏!
保持联系通过Facebook! http://facebook.com/Pedrocorpbook
Pedrocorp网络在YouTube上: http://youtube.com/PedrocorpNetwork

‮‪‮‪‮‪‮‪Robotic Guitarist 更新内容

• Guitar skins
• Lighter download
• Better tuner
• Optimizations
• Misc enhancements
• Bug fixes

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  • ‮‪‮‪‮‪‮‪Robotic Guitarist

    ‮‪‮‪‮‪‮‪Robotic Guitarist

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  • ‮‪‮‪‮‪‮‪Robotic Guitarist

    ‮‪‮‪‮‪‮‪Robotic Guitarist

    版本:5.0.2 高速下载
  • ‮‪‮‪‮‪‮‪Robotic Guitarist

    ‮‪‮‪‮‪‮‪Robotic Guitarist

    版本:5.0.1 高速下载
  • ‮‪‮‪‮‪‮‪Robotic Guitarist

    ‮‪‮‪‮‪‮‪Robotic Guitarist

    版本:5.0 高速下载
  • ‮‪‮‪‮‪‮‪Robotic Guitarist

    ‮‪‮‪‮‪‮‪Robotic Guitarist

    版本:4.3.3 高速下载

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Android 4.0.3 以上
Google Play

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