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Wall Street Journal recommends it to all professionals. Grab it, manage your contacts.
◆ Awards and Laurels ◆
- Named Best Mobile App OCR by 2010 MOBI Awards
- Winner of the CTIA 2010 E-Tech Award for Mobile Applications - Pro-sumer/Business Productivity
- Secured a spot among the Top 10 apps in the Business category in 194 countries
- Ranked #1 Business app in US App Store
- Ranked #1 Business Card Scanning application in Macworld.com
- The preferred business card management tool of mobile phone developers like HTC, telecommunications companies such as CHT/Taiwan Mobile and CRM developers like JustSystems
- Over 20 million users worldwide
◆ Testimonials ◆
- “For scanning business cards onto your iPhone, WorldCard Mobile stands out.” – Macworld
- “I’ve always been skeptical about contact capturing technologies…but I’m an overnight convert - [WorldCard Mobile] changed my outlook (pun intended).” - Bill French, iPhone CTO
- “WorldCard Mobile accurately read and sorted fax and mobile numbers, even when the cards labels used short-hand.” - Bob Tedeschi, New York Times
◆ App Description ◆
WorldCard Mobile, the leading business card scanning application for Android Phone, uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to instantly transfer information from business cards to users' native contacts. With a simple click of the camera, you no longer have to manually input contact info from business cards or email signatures.
◆ Why WorldCard Mobile? ◆
- Capture business cards anytime & anywhere.
- Capture business card images with the Android Phone’s camera.
- Support interface in different languages - English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch.
- Recognition of 20 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Slovak, Spanish (Mexico), Turkish, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Arabic.
- Sort recognized information by name, position, company, phone number, fax number, address or other fields.
◆ Manage contacts easily ◆
- View and manage contact info with Card holder function. Make a phone call, send SMS and email to your contacts directly.
- Merge new business card info with existing contacts.
- Select partially and recognize the specific area that contains the correct data.
- Find your contacts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Expand your social and professional networks.
- Provide nearby contacts function help you visit contacts easily.
- Sync with Google Contacts and manage your contacts seamlessly.
- Manage contacts from both WorldCard Contacts and Google Contacts via WorldCard Mobile.
◆ Smart functions for your business *
- Exchange contact data through Open In, Mail and iTunes File Sharing. Import/export or backup your data on Mac/Windows quickly and conveniently.
- Share or backup your contacts via cloud services (Dropbox). Manage your contacts on all devices, such as Mac or Windows PC.
- Recognize QR code to get more information easily.
- Copy email signatures and add them to your contact lists.
- 到2010年,MOBI奖评为最佳移动应用OCR
- 在CTIA 2010款E技术奖获得者移动应用 - 专业生产消费者/企业生产力
- 固定在194个国家的业务类别中的前10名的应用程序之间的点
- 美国App Store中排名第1商务应用
- 在Macworld.com排名第1名片扫描应用程序
- 手机开发人员喜欢HTC的首选名片管理工具,电信公司,如CHT /台湾大哥大和CRM开发商JustSystems的一样
- 全球有超过2000万用户
- “对于扫描名片到你的iPhone,群组式脱颖而出。” - Macworld大会
- “我一直怀疑接触捕捉技术......但我一个通宵转换 - [群组式]改变了我的预期(双关语意)。”比尔 - 法国,iPhone CTO
- “群组式准确地读取和排序传真和手机号码,即使卡标签所用短手。”鲍勃 - 特德斯奇,纽约时报
◆为什么群组式? ◆
- 捕获名片随时随地与任何地方。
- 拍摄名片图像与Android手机的摄像头。
- 英语,法语,德语,意大利语,西班牙语,葡萄牙语和荷兰语 - 在不同的语言支持的接口。
- 识别20种语言:英语,法语,德语,意大利语,西班牙语,葡萄牙语,荷兰语,捷克语,希腊语,匈牙利语,波兰语,葡萄牙语(巴西),俄语,斯洛伐克语,西班牙语(墨西哥),土耳其,芬兰,瑞典,丹麦,挪威和阿拉伯语。
- 按姓名,职务,公司,电话号码,传真号码,地址或其他字段进行排序识别的信息。
- 查看和管理与持卡人的功能联系信息。拨打电话,直接发送短信和电子邮件到您的联系人。
- 合并与现有联系人新名片信息。
- 选择部分,并认识到包含正确的数据的特定区域。
- 寻找你的Facebook,LinkedIn和Twitter的联系。扩大你的社交和专业网络。
- 提供附近的联系人功能,帮助您轻松访问联系人。
- 同步与谷歌联系人和无缝地管理您的联系人。
- 管理来自通卡联系人,并通过通卡谷歌手机通讯录联系人。
- 通过在开放,邮件和iTunes Exchange联系人数据文件共享。导入/导出或备份你的Mac上的/ Windows的快捷方便的数据。
- 共享或备份你通过云服务触点(Dropbox的)。管理你的所有设备上,如Mac或Windows PC联系人。
- 认识QR码轻松地获得更多的信息。
- 复制电子邮件签名并将其添加到您的联系人列表。

WorldCard Mobile Lite 更新内容

[5.1.1 - 20160425]
- Improve performance
- Fix bug
[5.1.0 - 20160310]
- Provide nearby contacts function
- Fix bug
[5.0.3 - 20160120]
- Fix bug
[5.0.2 - 20151230]
1. New user interface
2. Improve performance
[4.3.2 - 20150714]
1. Improve performance
2. Fix synchronized problem
[4.3 - 20150212]
1.Improvement - Dock Mode
2.Improvement - Sync Gmail contacts
3.Bug fixes
[4.2 - 20140829]
1. Bug fix - Index
2. Bug fix - Image matching
3. Bug fix - Kernel of recognition

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Android 4.0 以上
Google Play

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