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No coupon to clip and misplace.
No coupon to forget at home.
No coupon junk mail feeding a landfill.
No trees destroyed.
No cost to you.
Welcome to PG Deals on the Go, the preeminent FREE Southwestern Pennsylvania discount locator application available for smartphones brought to you by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. When you download our free application, you will have access to information on hundreds of advertisers with special offers. Using your smartphone's built in GPS functionality, we locate Post-Gazette advertisers within a search radius that you specify between 1, 5, 25 and 50 Miles. You u can also search by zip code or local community. Once you open PG Deals on the Go, a list of nearby participating advertisers appears on your phone. You choose the advertiser you would like to check out. A list of that advertiser's locations is shown. You choose the location you want to visit and we show you the store address, phone number with one touch dialing, a link to their website, an information button, a map and turn by turn directions. Once you register with us, you will also have the ability to see EXCLUSIVE coupons not available anywhere else! Now, we've all clipped a coupon somewhere in our lives and inevitably, just about the time you went to use it, that coupon was lying in a drawer at home or more often than not, in the trash. Sound familiar? Have you ever wished you could have coupons with you at all times without having to literally carry them? PG Deals on the Go works directly with restaurants, retailers and service providers throughout the Pittsburgh and Southwestern PA region to bring you BIG SAVINGS! We don't reproduce Internet, magazine or newspaper coupons. We don't send you annoying spam and put you in control of what you see and how advertisers communicate deals to you. What we do is negotiate EXCLUSIVE deals and give them to you right on your phone. Imagine choosing a restaurant, retailer or service provider in your area and up pops the coupon, ready for you to hand to the cashier. It’s as simple as that!
•Detailed information for all advertisers in your area
•Search function based on advertiser name, city or zip code
•Search by categories
•Favorites tab allows you to save your favorite advertisers in one place.
•Optional push notifications alerting you to new offers by your favorite advertisers
•New advertisers added every day
•Major presence all across the region
•All coupons are negotiated exclusively with PG Deals on the Go.
•Coupons are received immediately based on your current location using your phone's GPS
•Easy to use and guaranteed coupon acceptance at advertiser locations
•Dedicated team of Post-Gazette advertising experts looking day and night to find deals for you
•Exclusive loyalty partnerships with major companies offering exclusive members only deals

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此版本中的新功能:GPS functionality updated to capture your location faster and more accurately.
Other minor bug fixes to improve your experience

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Android 1.5 以上

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