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Memorial Marathon

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Memorial Marathon Memorial Marathon Memorial Marathon Memorial Marathon Memorial Marathon Memorial Marathon Memorial Marathon

Memorial Marathon 描述

On April 19, 1995, a great wrong was done in Oklahoma City. However, on this day in April the forces of fear and hate were beaten by love and compassion.
The Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon is a race that is not about running—it is about life and this app is here to help you get around and know where points of interest are before and during the race.
Features of the app include:
* Interactive Map : Find water spots, mile makers, first aid stations, start and finish locations (and more) using the map and your GPS enabled device.
* Race Information : Details each of the races and information about the Race Expo and Pre-Race gatherings.
* Split Time Tracking : Real time Split Time tracking will allow you to see a runners time for each tracked split (mat on the ground) during the race so you can be there to support them and know their times at the splits for their race. (Relay teams may only have one persons name, or the group name as a searchable field. Searching for the full BIB number is the best way to find results)
With more updates planned, this will be a great tool to have on race day or for training prior to the marathon.
*分割实时跟踪:实时分段计时跟踪将让你看到一个跑步时间为每个跟踪分裂(垫在地面上)在比赛中,所以你可以在那里支持他们,知道他们的时间在分裂他们的比赛。 (接力队可能只有一个人的名字,或组名作为搜索领域。在搜索的完整号码布是找到的结果最好的办法)

Memorial Marathon 更新内容

Some small cleanup items.

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健康运动 减肥健身 医疗
Android 4.1.x 以上
Phase 2 Mobile

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